We’re stocked with quality bulk supplies to keep you well fed during the COVID-19 pandemic.


OPEN DAILY FROM 11PM-7PM During Citywide Lockdown

Preorder for pickup or swing by and shop.

There is also a roll of toilet paper and some bleach wipes inside each kit for good measure.

Thank you for supporting small local businesses during these times. Hang in there everyone!

Anthony & the PRAIRIE team


Larger bulk orders also available, contact us


Current General Store Inventory 

***All items are priced below most retail/delivery. *** All Items are Shelf Stable,  Unhandled and/or Ready to Eat. 


Lentil Soup, Piquillo Peppers. Marcona Almonds, Spicy Calabrian Vegetable Spread, Grilled-marinated Artichokes, Louis Dressing, Partanna Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Kosher Salt 

Dried Pastas

Bucatini, Rigatoni, Pappardelle, Fettuccini, Gluten Free Spaghetti

Pasta Gear 

Arrabiata Sauce, White Clam Sauce, Vodka Tomato Sauce, Vacuum-packed Parmigiano

Grains & Legumes 

Risotto w/ porcini mushrooms, Rice Pilaf, Chickpeas, Borlotti Beans

Bread & Crackers 

Sour Levain, Thomas English Muffins, XVOO Crackers, Pink Salt & Quinoa Crackers, Milk Bread, 

Tinned Seafood

Bonito, Alaskan Salmon, Anchovies, Sardines in Olive Oil, Sardines in Tomato Sauce, Razor Clams, Scallops, Mussels

Meat – Cooked / Cured

Willie Bird Smoked Chicken (fully cooked!!), Spanish Dry Chorizo, Prosciutto Americano, La Quercia Salami, ‘nduja 

Meat – To Cook

Mary’s All Natural Chicken, Cooked Breakfast Sausage, Uncured Bacon


Brown Organic Eggs, Unsalted Butter, Clover Whole Milk Yogurt


Avocados, Limes, Lemons 


Pompelmo Soda, Health Aide Kombucha, Grapefruit La Croix, Mountain Valley Spring & Sparkling Water


1 Gal Quaternary Sanitizer,, 1 Gal Hand Soap, Toilet Paper, Multifold Towels, Storage Bags 16oz/32oz




The (COVID)19th St.

General Store



Dinner Kit #2 – “The Brendan” – Feeds 2 People – $62

***While supplies last! *Packaged cold for light reheating, fridge-stable for 3 days.

Total active reheating time: 15 minutes

Sour Cream & Onion Burrata w/ Grilled Bread

Young Kale w/ “Italian Dressing”

Grilled Cabbage w/ Dried Scallop Butter & Tons Of Torn Herbs

Lamb Blade Chops w/ Creamy AF XVOO Potatoes

“Dessert Russian Roulette” – It’ll Either Be: Red Velvet, Salted Maple or Chocolate Mousse Cake! 


The PRAIRIE Pantry Prepper Kit #1 – $96

Shelf-stable, Un-handled & Ready to Eat. This delicious box of 14 imported and domestic gourmet products will feed two people for a couple days.

Each kit includes:

Piquillo Peppers, Marcona Almonds, Pink Pepper & Quinoa Crackers, Rosemary Crackers, Spicy Calabrese Vegetable Spread, Grilled-marinated Artichokes, Marinated Chickpeas, Spanish Dry Chorizo, Baba in Rhum Syrup

…and an assortment of seafood conservas: Think Pink! Alaskan Salmon, Sardines in Tomato Sauce, Bonito in Olive Oil, Sardines in XVOO, Razor Clams