All You Need To Know About Propane Smoker

A propane smoker is a type of smoker that uses propane as its fuel source. Propane smokers are very popular because they are easy to use and require no electricity. They also provide a consistent, even heat that is perfect for smoking meats. They typically have two chambers: a firebox where the propane is burned and a smoking chamber where the food is placed.

The smoke from the firebox infuses the food with flavor as it slowly cooks. They are available in various sizes, so you can choose one that is large enough to accommodate your smoking needs. If you are new to smoking, a propane smoker is a great option.


How To Use A Propane Smoker?

To use a propane smoker, begin by choosing the smoker which is the right fit for you:

  1. Now start your smoker by simply pressing the ignition button and adjusting the temperature settings on the control panel based on your needs.

  2. Prepare your wood chips made from oak, apple, or hickory. Make sure you don’t soak your wood chips because it will ruin the quality of your smoke.

  3. Use a water pan to improve the overall performance of your smoker. You can stabilize your cooking temperatures as well as ensure that your food doesn’t dry out. When you operate your smoker, the vents should be wide open to help your smoker reach 225 F quickly.

  4. Once you’ve followed the steps mentioned above, add your food to the smoker. Keep a regular check on the wood chips and the water. Simply remove your meat from the smoker once you feel it has been cooked to perfection.

Propane Smoker

Features To Look At Before Buying Propane Smokers

Propane smokers are an important investment. Therefore, you should make sure that you carefully analyze the below-mentioned factors before you make a purchase decision for yourself.

  1. Size & Total Cooking Area

    If you plan on using the propane smoker primarily for yourself or for a family of four, a small or medium-sized propane smoker would do the work. On the other hand, if you plan on holding parties and family functions, you would need a large-sized propane smoker with maximum cooking capacity.

    Therefore, the size, as well as the total cooking area of your smoker, is an important factor to consider because it will help you to know how much food you can prepare at once. In fact, the total size of your chamber will also function as a determinant for this.

    In addition, how many grates your smoker has will also impact the overall cooking area. Size is an important factor because it can inhibit or enhance your cooking. Having shelves with a certain depth will ensure that you can cook myriad dishes. While a large smoker has the potential to prepare food for 20 to 30 people, a smaller one can suffice for the needs of 4 to 5 people at large.

  2. Temperature Range

    The temperature range of your propane smoker is an indicator of the versatility of your device. You should opt for a smoker who has a broad range so that you can cook several varieties of dishes.

  3. Cooking Racks

    Before you purchase a smoker, make sure you know its number of racks. This will offer insight into the quantity of food you can prepare at one time. In addition, analyze how well they fit in the cooking chamber and if there is any room for adjustment. This will ensure you a versatile cooking appliance. On average, a propane smoker is equipped with 3 to 4 racks.

  4. Stability

    Stability is an important feature to help you determine whether you should purchase a propane smoker or not. Your propane smoker should be easily regulated and possess a stable temperature. This will ensure that your smoker doesn’t produce excessive heat which can either cause damage to the parts of your smoker or the surrounding areas.

  5. Two-Door Access

    When using a propane smoker, you want to access your wood chips without opening the door leading to the main cooking chamber.

  6. Adjustable Shelves

    Your propane smoker must come with adjustable shelves which will allow you to place your food accordingly. There are times when you have to prepare large quantities of food or even less quantity of food. In such scenarios, the adjustable shelves come in handy because you can adjust them according to your requirements.

  7. Construction Quality

    You should undoubtedly opt for a propane smoker which is composed of heat-resistant material. This is primarily because your smoker should be able to hold heat as well as not break down as a result of exposure to excess heat.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Propane Smoker


  1. It is an expensive cooking device that is quite affordable. It is as efficient as the other types of smokers and can be purchased at a lower price.

  2. It makes use of gas as its primary fuel source. Therefore, you don’t have to put huge pieces of pellets or charcoal to prepare your food.

  3. A propane smoker operates at a faster pace than other smokers do. They are space-efficient devices as they take up less space and offer ease of storage.

  4. You can easily regulate the temperature when using a propane smoker. Since gas burns cleaner than other fuel types, a propane smoker requires less cleaning time than a charcoal smoker.

  5. In addition, propane emits less smoke and there is no residual ash that you are required to clean up.

  6. When using a propane smoker, you can easily start it up and switch off the smoker. Once you turn on the ignition, the burner will instantly switch on and generate heat.

  7. Every propane smoker has a thermostat that helps in regulating the heat.

  8. They are also equipped with vents that can be closed and opened to serve this purpose.

  9. Lastly, the flavor offered by a propane smoker is way smokier than the one offered by an electric smoker.


  1. Usually, a propane smoker is composed of thinner steel, so it might not be the most durable option.

  2. Heat retention is a vital factor when purchasing any smoker.

  3. It doesn’t tend to light the heat retention found in charcoal or wood grills.

  4. If you have been using your propane smoker for a long time, you need to replace your propane tank.

  5. Smoking is a time-intensive process and you might run out of gas during this time. In such situations, replacing charcoal or pellets seems easier than replacing a propane tank.


How Do Propane Smokers Work?

A propane smoker functions by heating your cooking chamber. Here, air circulation is carried out which heats your food via convection. The food is surrounded by hot smoky air which not only heats up your meat’s internal temperature but also adds a rich and smoky flavor.

Do Propane Smokers Use A Lot Of Gas?

Your propane smoker will burn either one or two pounds of fuel given it is a medium-sized propane smoker. Your propane tank will fuel almost 8 grilling sessions on average. Therefore, propane smokers are not considered to burn large amounts of gas provided they are not smoking for a long duration of time in one go.

Do You Use Wood Chips In A Propane Smoker?

Yes, you can use wood chips in a propane smoker to enjoy a smoky-flavored dish. Pellets tend to burn rather efficiently, leaving very little residue. Make sure you purchase wood pellets that primarily cater to the purpose of cooking.

Which Is Better: Electric Or Propane Smokers?

The choice between an electric and a propane smoker is a subjective one. While an electric smoker uses electricity to operate, a propane smoker uses gas to function. Since an electric smoker calls for electricity, you can only use it at places with an assured power outlet. On the other hand, a propane smoker can be used anywhere given you have gas in your propane tank.

How To Use Propane Smokers?

To use a propane smoker, you need to press the ignition button. Set the temperature to your desired setting. Fill your hopper with wood chips. Place the meat on your cooking racks. Keep a regular check on your meat till it is cooked to perfection.


It is, therefore, evident that a propane smoker has become a smoker of the present. Propane smoking allows you to enjoy flavorful smoked meat at an affordable price. Since a propane smoker makes use of gas, it is an environmentally safe option for smoked food items. It is also an easy-to-clean smoker.

The setup of a propane smoker is relatively easy. Thus, it is particularly convenient for those who are beginners in the world of smokers. Almost every propane smoker today comes with removable racks, glass windows, and a built-in thermometer which acts as an asset in smoking meat in the present century.

Just like any other smoker, a propane smoker has its respective set of merits and demerits. You should opt for it if you are looking for an easily portable smoker. It is a budget-friendly smoker. But if you want to opt for a more durable smoker, a propane smoker might not be the best option for you. Therefore, depending on your needs, you can decide whether purchasing a pellet smoker is a feasible option for you.

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