All About Smoker: Which Smoker is Best For You?

If you’re someone who loves to grill, you would obviously have come across a wide variety of smokers. With the multitude of options that are available in front of you, you are likely to be confused. In such a scenario, it is important for you to analyze and compare the differences between different smokers.

Each smoker has its respective set of merits and demerits. While one option might be feasible for you, it might not be a viable option for another option. The most well-known type of smokers available out there is electric smokers, pellet smokers, BBQ smokers, pellet smokers, charcoal smokers, and propane smokers.

An electric smoker is known for the ease of use it offers. A pellet smoker works wonders when it comes to enjoying flavorful food. You don’t have to monitor the temperature when using a pellet smoker constantly. As evident by the name, a BBQ smoker is often brought to enjoy barbecues.

A charcoal smoker functions as the conventional way of preparing your meat. It allows you to enjoy the creamy texture of your meat. Therefore, there are several smokers for you to choose from. Depending on your budget, needs, space constraints, and quantity you wish to prepare, you can opt for the best option for yourself.

In the article that follows, we shall dive into the various types of smokers that are available out there and which one might be the best for you. You can analyze the various advantages and disadvantages offered by each smoker.


What Is An Electric Smoker?

It is a cooking appliance primarily meant for outdoor use. Every electric smoker makes use of a hot electric rod as the primary heating source. The main benefit of it is the ease of use as well as the option to choose from a wide variety of designs. It comes with stainless steel or cast iron construction.

It varies in terms of its cooking area, features, temperature control options, double doors, warming racks, and cooking racks. It operates by using a cooking chamber where the air circulates and heats the food through convection. It has a cooking chamber, a water pan, grill racks, an electric heating component, and the choice of using wood along with electric heaters to provide a smoky flavor to food items.

Now there are a few things you should know before buying it. For one, you should season your grill when you are using it for the first time. It comes with an in-built thermometer, make sure you use your individual temperature probe. Cook your food at an appropriate temperature setting.

Since it prepares food at lower temperatures, it will take a considerable amount of time. Make sure you cook with plenty of time at hand. In addition, keep your smoker clean and neat, so you know you are eating hygienic food items.

It has a set of advantages and disadvantages. With an electric smoker, all you need to do is set your smoker to a particular temperature and leave it that way. In addition, it allows you to cook at lower temperatures. You can purchase it at affordable prices.

However, if you are someone who would rather cook at higher temperatures, an electric smoker might not be a viable option for you. Furthermore, if you use it outdoors, you will have to check out for the rains and design tips for outdoor kitchen.

Lastly, almost every other electric smoker is designed to fit your budget, and therefore, it is not made for large-capacity cooking. You would have to opt for a full-size electric smoker if you wish to cook a full pack of briskets or the like.

What Is Pellet Smoker?

Pellet grills or smokers make use of a network of fans and wood pellets to heat your food to a certain temperature level. You can use it to smoke, bake, grill, and braise food as well. Almost everything that you prepare using a standard oven can also be made on the cooking surface of a pellet grill.

In a pellet smoker, there is a hopper that should be filled to an optimum level using hardwood pellets. When you turn on the grill, the pellets get transferred inside a cooking chamber using an auger. The burning of pellets takes place in the cooking chamber.

The dispersion of smoke and heat throughout the grill surface. This in turn results in the cooking of food via indirect heat instead of open flames. A point of distinction between it is that they maintain their own temperatures. The control panel of the grill can be adjusted according to the temperature. Therefore, you don’t have to keep a regular check on the temperature.

It has several notable advantages. It is easy to use and measures the level of fuel you require, you don’t have to monitor your fuel needs constantly. In addition, it adds a lot of flavor to your food. You can also use it to mix and match different kinds of flavors. Furthermore, you can easily clean your pellet grill as the fuel loading and off-loading process is not a burden.

However, a pellet grill doesn’t have a completely practical application. Since a pellet grill does require a power outlet, it can’t be taken out for camping or grilling until there is a power outlet at the place. A pellet grill is suited to prepare food items at low-temperature settings. Therefore, you will have to spare plenty of time before you choose to cook on a pellet grill. You can also get pellet grill tips before using it.

In addition, the purchasing cost of a pellet grill is high whereas the operating costs are practically unnoticeable. Therefore, depending on your set of preferences, a pellet grill can be a viable purchase for you particularly if you love to prepare your food at a lower temperature range.

What Is BBQ Smoker?

A cooking appliance usually has a horizontal cooking chamber for positioning the food adjacent to your heat source. Now you should position the food this way because it allows you to enjoy indirect grilling. This in turn ensures that your food is not subjected to high heat which is often the case in direct heating.

In addition, when you use it, your food is cooked at a slow pace. You also have greater control over your slow and low cook. This is primarily because you can easily adjust the BBQ smoker’s lower temperatures and easily replenish the fuel.

It is often designed to cool food in a smoky and controlled environment setting. It is known by other names, such as horizontal smoker, offset barrel smoker, and pipe smoker. Before you purchase it, you need to take some factors into consideration. For instance, the material of your smoker will determine its quality. Make sure you opt for a smoker that offers proper ventilation. Opt for one that has well-established vents and dampers.

There’s no best BBQ smoker for everyone out there. While one smoker is the perfect fit for one person, it might not be a feasible option for the other one. Therefore, analyze your needs and make your purchase decision.

What Is A Charcoal Smoker?

This appliance has the function of smoking food for a long period with indirect and low heat that is produced via burning charcoal. There are four components to a typical charcoal smoker: the firebox, the water pan, the cooking chamber, and the lid. The primary working mechanism of your charcoal smoker is to cook your food at a slow pace.

It is a budget-friendly option. Since they have a relatively simple design, they fall on the affordable edge. In fact, several models of charcoal smokers guarantee a 10-year warranty.

While charcoal smoker is a preferred option, they come with a few demerits as well. For one, the charcoal smoker is pretty basic. Therefore, they call for more attention when cooking. You need to constantly monitor the temperature, adjust the dampers, as well as replenish the charcoal and wood smoke when you have to smoke for a long period.

In a charcoal smoker, while you can enjoy great flavors, there is a chance that the food will not be prepared properly. You will need to excel in grilling if you plan on using a charcoal smoker because you need commitment, skill as well as learning.

What Is Propane Smoker?

A propane smoker makes use of propane tanks as the primary heat source. This smoker offers you added control over your heat settings. It achieves the desired temperature relatively faster. Gas smokers are a more identical option to charcoal smokers. The primary merit of a propane smoker is that it is easily portable and you don’t any power outlets to operate it.

In addition, repairing your propane smoker is an easy task since it has very few components. Added to this is the fact that it is a budget-friendly option. However, what comes as a drawback of a propane smoker is that you need to babysit. If you are planning on preparing anything, you would have to constantly monitor the temperature by yourself. Advanced features like WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth are a rarity in a propane smoker.


Therefore, there are different types of smokers out there that are available for you to choose from. You can opt for an electric smoker if you want a hassle-free cooking experience. A pellet smoker is an ideal option if you are keen on enjoying the flavors a charcoal smoker provides but don’t wish to dirty your hands. You can even opt for a BBQ smoker if cooking meat and pork is something of rather interest to you. Lastly, a propane smoker is a valid option if you have the time and patience to monitor the cooking temperature.

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