Microwaves: Uses, Benefits, And More

A microwave oven is a device used commonly in our homes, this appliance was an invention that changed the overall experience of cooking, for humankind.

As it just uses electromagnetic waves, which run through food, which by a process of vibrating molecules inside the food convert into heat and that process results in the cooking of the food material you just put in, always remember whenever you cook food inside a microwave if it lacks moisture it will not cook properly.

The microwaves are designed in such a way that they are put on a rotating plate which makes the even cooking of the food, as it turns and cooks the food.

It’s designed in such a way that, it uses electromagnetic waves to cook food quickly, it’s not only used in commercial kitchens but they are the talk of the town, most workplaces and homes have this set-up for an easy, fuss-free cooking experience in no time.

A microwave oven was an accidental discovery by Dr. Percy LeBron Spencer. He was a self-schooled, electronic engineer, who worked for the Raytheon corporation.

The first radar range microwave oven was 5 feet tall, cost over $2000, and was used as a commercial oven, and later the company took over a company named Tappan Stove company, and they used the technology for the first time in the year 1952.

By the year 1955, the first consumer-grade Tappan Oven, came into the market, with a cost of 1000$, later a much cheaper version of microwave came into the market.

Initially, microwaves were less popular among the American public but later by the year 1970 and became more popular than dishwashers, as Americans were comfortable using microwaves.


What Should I Know About Microwaves?

Microwaves are not of a single size they come in different sizes and types from which one can choose according to their preferences-

  • Countertop microwave
  • Over-the-range microwave
  • Wall microwave
  • Microwave drawers

The least inexpensive microwave is the countertop microwave, starting from & 20$, you just have lots of options to buy things from. Buy what size would match your requirements.

Touchpads Are Different

Whenever you buy a microwave, you must be knowing that you can have a microwave whose touchpads are easier to use than the other ones, as different microwaves have different touchpads.

Some are big and have large buttons, whereas others can have little buttons, that can have pre-made buttons which are specific for a particular dish such as popcorn or pizza, look at these features before you get a microwave.

Wattage Does Matter 

The higher the wattage, the more efficient your microwave is, you should get a microwave of between 900- 100 wattage, for an overall experience of cooking and defrosting anything efficiently and quickly.

Cheap quality microwaves will have more issues, they will take more time to heat up and they will not heat things as the former will do.

The Game Changer-A Convection Microwave

These microwaves are very helpful as they are size-appropriate, cost-effective and they can be used for various reasons. 

From roasting chicken to baking your favorite cake, for small cooks, you can use this oven microwave, and for your other cooks, you can use your main microwave.

Buy A Microwave Which Has Sensors

When you buy a microwave, you will look for a microwave that has sensors having sensors will have an added advantage in your cooking experience.

It cooks for that exact time, as you set it to work. You don’t have to be on your toes to check every minute whether your dish is fine, or not, the job will be done with the least amount of error.

You Can Buy A Used Microwave

Microwaves have a very good shelf life and they can even last up to a decade, so it is a one-time investment you do for yourself.

If you buy it for temporary places like your college dorm room or a lease, you can easily put it up online, people look for used products to buy at a lesser price, so you can easily buy as well sell a microwave online.

The following are the uses of microwaves which are generally known by all –

  • Reheating Food

    Microwaves are the best when it comes to reheating food without spoiling the food.

    They don’t & mess up the nutrient value of the food you reheat, be it any type of food.

  • Cooking

    A microwave oven is a versatile appliance, and you can easily cook meals you cook on a stovetop, in a microwave.

    You can buy multifunction ovens which can cook, bake, grill, and can even boil and blanch, they are so versatile and for this won’t even need any other appliance in your kitchen.

  • Can Help In Disinfecting Kitchen Utensils

    You know what, you can sanitize or clean your kitchen utensils such as cutting boards or sponges, you just have to follow a few easy steps.

    You have to soak your items in some soap water, and lemon juice, then you just have to turn on the heat for a few In Minutes, this will clean as well as remove the smell from your kitchen utensils.

  • Turn Your Microwave Into A Juicer

    Yes, heard it right, next time you take out a lemon or an orange from the freezer, just don’t forget to microwave it for just 20 seconds, you& can have a lemon that will be juicier than it was before.

  • A Garlic Roaster

    Who doesn’t likes a garlic flavor over your favorite bread for roasting up garlic, you will need approximately 45 mins in an oven.

    But in a microwave, you can just do it in a few minutes, just season your garlic and just put up a plastic wrap, just roast it for like 8 mins and you have your favorite roasted garlic ready.

What Type Of Microwaves Are Best?

Whenever you go out to buy your favorite microwave, just remember to look for a few pointers like the budget, the size, and the type of microwave you will choose.

It could depend on the model type you want to get for your kitchen, be it a Countertop or Over-the-range Microwave, as your kitchen set-up, allows you to have.

A large-size microwave is better if you have a family of four or more and If you have a small family of two, then go for a small capacity.

  • Solo Microwave

    It could be used for reheating food, cooking, and defrosting, can’t grill or bake, it’s cost-effective and power efficient, they don’t have any specific features in them, mainly for those who reheat their foods, not a hit for the bakers and those who love to grill or roast.

  • Grill Microwave

    As the name suggests, a grill microwave is used for grilling, searing and browning foods with defrosting and cooking on the plus side as well. They are not used for baking like Convection microwaves.

    Perfect for those who are looking for a griller and a microwave, they lie between a solo and a Convection microwave.

  • Convection Microwave

    It is the perfect solution for everyone who is looking for a microwave that not only is used as Reheating oven but for cooking food and can be used as a griller Or for baking.

    If you buy a microwave that is of great quality, then you will have no regrets about investing in one such microwave.

What To Look For When Buying Microwaves?

To buy a microwave you must consider a few core things, before making up your mind to buy your microwave You must look for the price, size, and type of microwave, which suits you the most.

One of the most important factors is the size of the microwave oven, some microwaves are small and can fit well on your kitchen counter, and others can be kept on your kitchen shelves, look for your size, and you would have no issues with it.

Look for microwaves that have a lot of features like pre-set, auto cooking, etc type of features, which are essential for. You should look for it if you are about to buy a microwave.

Which Is Better- Microwave Manual Or Digital?

Digital microwaves tend to have a lot of advanced settings features, whereas manual microwave touchpads measure less fancy technology, with straightforward rotary dial controls for easy use as compared to Digital microwaves.

What Wattage For The Microwave Is Best?

A 1000-watt is the best microwave as this will cook your food more effectively and that’s what makes it a winner when it comes to Buying the best microwave oven is the criteria you must look for.
Higher the wattage, the Faster the cooking.

What Is The Main Benefit Of Using Microwaves?

Microwave ovens are known for having less of a risk of burns while cooking as compared to using a gas stove.

  • Cooking in the microwave removes the formation of char on foods unlike ovens often do, which is a major cause of cancer, cooking in a microwave is
  • Cooking on a stove can make the food burn from the outside and be uncooked from the inside, microwave radiation makes the food cook-up fully, and by rotation, this food is cooked to perfection.
  • Reducing Preparing Time helps in retaining all the good nutrition inside the food, which is not possible in ovens, Which are known for prolonged cooking.
  • Veggies like spinach and carrots lose their nutrient value by up to 75%. But it retains most of it when cooked in the microwave.
  • Microwaves are kids friendly. As they don’t produce flames, even kids can use them with ease and supervision.

What Food Is Better Microwaved In Microwave?

Lipsmacking food could be prepared using a microwave, like-

  • Baked Potatoes

    They are great when cooked in the microwave as compared to the oven as they take a lot more time when cooked in the oven. Just poke some holes in the potatoes Keep them in water, they are as good as baked in the oven.

  • Steamed Vegetables

    Now you can cook your veggies up to perfection when it comes to cooking in a microwave, just remember to cover the Utensil and then cook it for four minutes And you are done.

  • Pasta

    When you are exhausted and in the mood of eating pasta made at home but you are not a high-quality chef, so, what else you can do? Just throw some pasta in a bowl and boil it. Keep on checking, so they are not overcooked and you have your favorite pasta within minutes. You can cook brownies, oatmeal, and poached eggs easily in the microwave and it is as yummy as ever.

Can A Microwave Burn Food?

Microwaves don’t burn the same way a convection oven would have burned. Remember to add water whenever you heat your leftovers and stir it well.

You see, if you look at how a microwave works, you would find that it works on this method of getting energy from the agitated molecules of the food. One thing is a must that it should be enough hydrated or else the food will burn.

What Are The Negatives Of Using A Microwave?

Ineffective heat distribution: Heat is not effective as it would be in gas stoves as it doesn’t kill bacteria in the food and this often results in food poisoning.

Dry food: Food in the microwave tends to get super dry So they turn dry extremely and unfit to eat at times, this is a negative side of Cooking in a microwave.

Not Versatile: Cooking in the microwave is not fun as it’s monotonous and you can only cook a set of dishes and you can’t experiment much when cooking.

Need special container: Cooking in a microwave, you need to have proper cookware specialized for microwave cooking only and not any Utensils as they may be toxic and very unsafe.


Microwave ovens are a household thing. Most of homes have this amazing appliance that has made our lives much easier.

With proper care and maintenance, you could make a microwave last up to a decade and when not kept nicely, it could cost a lot of damage.

The article has made an attempt to talk in detail about microwaves and how they help in cooking along with their various advantages and downsides.

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