Can You Freeze Orange Juice?

Orange juice is a well-known breakfast choice almost everywhere in the world primarily because of the health benefits it offers. Not only is orange juice a storehouse of vitamins and minerals but also is light to the stomach. Orange juice has large amounts of vitamin C that assist in generating antioxidants.

However, orange juice can be a bit pricey, and it often doesn’t last as long as we would like. As a result, many people wonder if they can freeze orange juice to make it last longer. The short answer is yes, you can freeze orange juice.

Orange Juice

Over the years, freezing orange juice has become a commonality. Following this trend, several different methods of freezing and thawing orange juice have been brainstormed. In the article that follows, we shall delve deeper into such aspects.


Freezing Orange Juice

As discussed already, freezing orange juice does wonder. Not only are you assured of a delicious flavor but also have a drink with an extended shelf life. However, the next question that pops up is how to freeze orange juice.  Well, there are several ways to freeze orange juice and we shall be discussing some of them in the following part:

  1. Cartons

    You can easily freeze store-bought orange juice in a carton. Although this option gives the illusion that it’s simple, there are some preparations that you need to do. Before you freeze orange juice in its respective carton, open the carton to pour out a little bit of orange juice. You need to do this to create a minimum headspace of one inch.

    Now, why do you require this headspace? Well, that’s the best orange juice, just like water, which has the potential to expand upon being frozen. There are some people out there who state that they had no problem simply storing their orange juice in the freezer without leaving a headspace.

    Yet there are others who hold that their orange juice carton exploded in the freezer upon being stored without any headspace. To be on the safer side, it is recommended that you keep some empty space in your carton.

    Conclusively, simply pour out some orange juice from the carton to provide some space required for volume expansion and then place it in the freezer to freeze it.

  2. Ice-Cube Trays

    If you choose to freeze orange juice in ice-cube trays, you are presented with a wide array of options to use the frozen juice. The frozen cubes of orange juice can be used in sauces, flavored ice, baked goods, marinades, or even simply in water.

    Freezing orange juice in ice-cube trays is a simple process and the ice cubes tend to thaw quickly anytime you need to use them.

    To carry out this method, start by cleaning your ice-cube tray. Then pour the orange juice into each one of the cubes. Position the tray in your freezer and allow it to freeze for some hours. Soon enough, you will have to yourself ice cubes of orange juice.

  3. Freezer-safe Airtight Containers

    For this method, you require freezer-safe airtight containers. This allows you to increase the lifespan of your orange juice and preserve it for use in the near future. Airtight containers are a well-suited option for freezing orange juice. However, it is not advisable to freeze your orange juice in orange juice plastic containers that are store-bought.

    This is primarily because the store-bought orange juice comes in containers that were meant for one-time use only. Therefore, if you plan to store them in the freezer, you enter them into a task that they weren’t prepared for. This in turn can lead to problems like leaking, puffing, and even explosion.

    Thus, if you wish to store your orange juice in plastic containers, make sure you opt for containers that are freezer-safe and airtight at the same time.

    To carry out this method, simply pour the orange juice into the freezer-safe airtight container. Make sure you leave an empty space of half an inch to one inch. Once done, position the container in the freezer.

  4. Freezer-safe Mason Jars

    Freezer-safe mason jars function as a perfect option for you to store your orange juice. To store your orange juice in a mason jar, open the juice pack and pour the juice into a jar. Make sure you leave an empty space of at least half an inch or one inch. This will ensure that the volume expansion of the orange juice is well-accounted for and your mason jar will not explode as a result of the expansion.

  5. Freezer Bags

    To use a freezer bag to store your orange juice, pour the juice into ice-cube containers and freeze them. Once the ice cubes have frozen, simply remove them from the tray and position them in freezer bags. Now place the freezer bag in the freezer, thereby allowing the orange juice to remain frozen.

    This method enables you to create large batches of frozen ice cubes made out of orange juice that can be used at relative convenience. Additionally, this method prevents your orange juice ice cubes from taking in the flavor of the adjoining food items.

Benefits Of Freezing Orange Juice

Freezing orange juice has several benefits that must be taken into consideration.

For one, recent studies indicate that if you freeze orange juice and then unfreeze it, the orange juice will have more health benefits.

Secondly, consumers have the choice to store both store-bought orange juice as well as fresh orange juice.

However, on average, store-bought orange juice will last longer than fresh orange juice due to the addition of preservatives. 

For people who love sales and might have bought orange juice in bulk as a result of the same, freezing orange juice comes in handy as it allows consumers to preserve orange juice.

Drawbacks Of Freezing Orange Juice

To store your orange juice via freezing, you need to put in some effort. The effort can come in the form of manual labor. For instance, if you’re using a mason jar to store your orange juice, you’ll need to get the orange juice out of the packaging and transfer it to the mason jar.

When you freeze orange juice, it tends to expand just like water does. Therefore, if you don’t leave a space of half an inch or one inch, there are strong chances that your container will burst.

If you are someone who is a fan of orange pulp, freezing orange juice isn’t an ideal option for you. When you freeze orange juice with a large amount of pulp, the texture of the juice is likely to undergo a change after it has been defrosted. Most commonly, the pulp will have a grainy consistency and will pump up.

Defrosting Your Orange Juice

There are several ways through which you can easily defrost your orange juice. Listed below are some of the most commonly used methods to thaw orange juice.

  1. Refrigerator Method

    The refrigerator method is the easiest method to thaw orange juice. Start by removing the container or the jug from the freezer. Then place it in the refrigerator for one night. The time taken to thaw orange juice is dependent upon the size of your container, ranging from one hour to 24 hours. Note that thawed juice will last two to three days.

  2. Microwave Method

    If you are in a time crunch and it slipped your mind that you need to thaw your juice, simply place it in the refrigerator. Your container should be microwave-safe. Put the container in the microwave and just select defrost.

  3. No Method

    As weird as it sounds, this is the most convenient of all methods. Put your frozen ice cubes in your cocktail or any other drink and enjoy them as it is.

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Best Ways To Use Frozen Orange Juice

There are several practical applications of frozen orange juice. It can be used in a wide variety of cocktails and mocktails. Various recipes, in fact, suggest using frozen ice cubes as an important ingredient for a flavourful drink. Frozen orange juice can be used in marinades, salad dressings and vinaigrettes, ice pops, smoothies, ice cubes, sauces, cakes, quick bread, citrus glaze, fruit topping, and even not-beer-can chicken.


Can You Freeze Orange Juice In Its Original Container?

No, you are not advised to freeze orange juice in its original container. The primary reason behind this is that the original container of orange juice is meant for one-time use. When you use it to freeze orange juice, its functionality extends to something it isn’t compatible with. Nonetheless, if done carefully, you can also freeze orange juice in its original container. You just need to make sure that it is airtight, freezer-safe, and has some empty space inside it.

Can I Freeze Pulpy Orange Juice?

Although you have the option to freeze pulpy orange juice, there are some points that need to be taken into consideration. If you freeze your orange juice with its pulp, it is likely to become grainy and dry after defrosting. Therefore, if you are into fresh and pulpy orange juice, freezing it is perhaps not the best option.

Why Does My Orange Juice Taste Like Alcohol?

The possible reason behind such an instance could be the process of fermentation. The process transforms orange juice into orange wine over time which therefore results in a taste identical to that of alcohol.


Therefore, freezing orange juice comes in a handy option no matter if the orange juice is store-bought or freshly prepared. Freezing orange juice is a convenient way to preserve orange juice for future use. Make sure that you always make use of freezer-safe storage vessels and label the date. The easiest method of freezing orange juice is to simply store it overnight in a mini refrigerator.

There are several methods to choose from for freezing your orange juice. Likewise, you can also use a wide variety of methods to defrost orange juice. Lastly, don’t forget to take the merits and demerits of freezing orange juice into consideration before opting for this process.

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