Best 5 Pizzelle Makers In 2022

If you are someone who loves baking or is a professional baker, you would be familiar with the appliance pizzelle maker. Although there are some people out there who think it isn’t feasible to purchase a dedicated appliance for preparing pizzelles, I would suggest the opposite. In fact, you have the option to prepare a wide variety of delicious desserts and cookies using your pizzelle maker.

The prominent merit of a pizzelle maker is that many of them are easy to use and therefore, a feasible option for beginners. Furthermore, every pizzelle maker’s plate is designed with a decorative pattern to stamp on the cookies. Not only are these patterns aesthetically pleasing but also create crispy textured pizzelles. 


The 5 Best Pizzelle Makers In 2022

Best Overall: CucinaPro Non-Stick Electric Pizzelle Maker

This small but powerful appliance has all the features you need to make delicious pizzelles right in your own kitchen. With dimensions of 10″ x 10.25″ x 5″, this machine is compact enough to fit comfortably on any countertop, and its lightweight design makes it easy to move around as needed.

Best of all, with its super-fast cooking times and two-pizza capacity, this pizzelle maker is ideal for whipping up a quick snack for yourself or a crowd-pleasing dessert for family and friends. This versatile appliance delivers perfectly crafted cookies in just minutes, while the innovative non-stick indicator light lets you know when your dough is ready to be cooked.

It features a wide temperature range that ensures consistent results every time. Plus, its non-stick surface means that your cookies will come out easily and without any residue or mess. Its extra-thick baking plates ensure even heat distribution and a steam guard that protects your hands from getting burned when you’re handling the warm pizzelle maker.


  • Comes with Nonstick Indicator Light
  • Steam Guard Available For Hand Protection
  • Includes Extra Thick Baking Plates
  • Produce 2 Pizzelle At A Time


  • Doesn’t Provide Even Heat Distribution

Best Value: Chef’s Choice Pizzelle Maker

With its 10.5″ D x 12.38″W x 5″H dimensions and 5.1-pound weight, this unit has all the specs that you need for making delicious, authentic-tasting pizzelles at home. Whether you’re a seasoned baker or just starting out, this versatile machine makes it incredibly easy to create perfect pizzelles every time. From the sturdy metal construction to the convenient temperature controls, this is a must-have tool for any pizzelle lover!

It offers many premium features and benefits to make baking your favorite doughy treats easier than ever before. With instant temperature recovery, this machine can quickly heat up and bake two four-and-three-quarter inch pizzelles in less than 30 seconds. Plus, its nonstick surface makes removal simple and hassle-free, while its lock latch ensures even thickness for perfectly shaped cookies every time.

It also features a powerful 900-watt heating element that ensures your pizzelles are crispy and golden brown on the outside, while still soft and chewy on the inside. Additionally, it comes equipped with an easy open and close handle that makes loading and removing ingredients quick and hassle-free. It includes a baking indicator light that helps you keep track of your cooking progress.


  • Offers Instant Temperature Recovery
  • Provide Consistent And Even Baking
  • Make 2 Pizzelles In 30 Seconds
  • Includes Nonstick Baking Surface


  • Nonstick Surface Is Peeling Off

Best Budget: CucinaPro Piccolo Pizzelle Baker

Its 10″D x 10.25″W x 5″H dimensions and 3.5-pound weight, it is perfect for small spaces and can easily be stored when not in use. It produces beautiful, evenly cooked pizzelles with the perfect crispy crust and moist interior. With four mini paddles making four delicious pizzelle cookies at once, this easy-to-use tool makes baking a cinch!

Best of all, its grey nonstick cooking plates give these pizzelle cookies a unique and vibrant look that will make them a hit at any party or gathering. The nonstick baking grids ensure that your pizzelle cookies come out easily and cleanly every time, while the steam guard protects your hands from burns during operation.

With its extra-thick baking plates, this nifty little device ensures even heat distribution for beautifully brown and crispy pizzelles every time.


  • Features Grey Nonstick Cooking Plates
  • Makes 4 Mini Pizzelles At A Time
  • Includes Steam Guard For Hand Protection
  • Cleaning Is Very Easy


  • Doesn’t Bake Evenly

Best Advanced: Cuisinart WM-PZ10 Pizzelle Press

It has 4.5″ D x 7.5″W x 9″H dimensions and 4.77 pounds weight, so it can easily fit on any kitchen countertop and won’t add clutter or bulk to your workspace. The handy ready-to-bake and ready-to-eat indicator lights provide perfect timing to ensure that your pizzelles always come out perfectly baked.

Featuring nonstick baking plates that help make it easy to remove your baked pizzelles without breaking them, this convenient kitchen appliance also includes a variety of customizable options for controlling the browning level of your pizzelles. Five temperature settings let you know when each batch is done.

It is equipped with a measuring scoop for easy measuring, a rolling Dowel for shaping perfect pizzelles or cookies, and a recipe book full of delicious ideas and inspiration. Plus, it comes with a limited 3-year warranty, so you can rest assured that your purchase is protected even as you experiment with new recipes and creations.


  • Easy To Use
  • Indicator Light Available
  • Comes With 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • Provide 5 Browning Control Settings


  • Design Should Be Improved

Best Portable: CucinaPro Krumkake Pizzelle Maker

With its compact dimensions of 10″D x 10.25″W x 5″H and a lightweight design of only 2 pounds, it is easy to keep this versatile appliance on hand in any kitchen. But its capabilities extend far beyond traditional baking; with the included tools and quick-release handles, you can use this pizzelle maker to create a variety of tasty treats, including cannoli shells and cones.

Featuring non-stick grids for easy cleanup and a steam guard to protect your hands from heat, this pizzelle maker heats evenly for uniform cookies every time. This versatile machine makes it easy to create delicious 2 krumkake cookies in just minutes.


  • Makes 5-inches Cookies In Just A Minute
  • Includes Easy To Clean Nonstick Grid
  • Provide Steam Guard


  • Makes Thin Cookies

What Is Pizzelle?

A pizzelle is a traditional Italian waffle cookie. The ingredients used to make pizzelle include sugar, flour, vegetable oil, butter, and eggs along with flavoring. Based on the method of preparation and the types of ingredients, your pizzelle can either be chewy and soft or crisp and hard. You can mold your pizzelle into a wide variety of shapes, including that of a cannoli.

The origin of pizzelle traces back to Ortona, Southern Italy. Pizzelle is excessively made and consumed during Christmas and Easter. You can find them at almost every Italian wedding along with Italian cookies and cannoli. You can also create cannoli shells by using a wooden dowel.

Popularly known as the world’s oldest cookie, a pizzelle is a crispy and light Italian waffle. The traditional way of preparing pizzelle involves the use of iron plates. You can even opt for traditional cast metal plates.

What Is A Pizzelle Maker?

As evident by the name, a pizzelle maker is an appliance used to make pizzelle. A pizzelle maker is almost identical to a waffle maker with certain distinctions. You position a dough in the space between two hot metal plates which are pressed simultaneously. This in turn flattens your dough to a crisp texture that is wafer-thin and comes stamped with an ornate design. In a waffle, however, the overall design is deep enough to hold a large amount of butter and syrups.

For pizzelle, on the other hand, the design is largely meant for decorative purposes and is comparatively shallow for creating a crisp cookie. It is only due to this reason that you can’t prepare pizzelle in a waffle iron and need a specialized device.

Therefore, although a pizzelle maker seems similar to a waffle iron at first glance, they have peculiar differences. Today, you have the option to either hold the pizzelle maker directly over the heat source or operate it using electricity.

Best Pizzelle Maker Brands

It’s obvious that you would want to opt for those pizzelle maker brands which are the best in the market. Given below are some of the most well-recommended pizzelle maker brands available in the consumer market.

  • Palmer

    The brand Palmer came into existence in 1943. It is proficient in making pizzelle makers with the best quality to ensure you have a phenomenal cooking experience and a reliable device you can use anytime you want.

  • CucinaPro

    CucinaPro functions with the ideology of providing you with the best cooking experience. There are a wide variety of kitchen appliances. These include the well-known pizzelle maker by CucinaPro. Although CucinaPro has several different items for purchase, they never hold back on the quality of the product.

  • VillaWare

    Initially brought into existence by an Italian, VillaWare is now a brand managed by Newell Brands, a manufacturer from America. You shouldn’t worry because the change in ownership didn’t bring about a change in the quality of the product offered by the brand.

  • Chef’s Choice

    Although Chef’s Choice is widely known for its knife sharpeners, it is also well known for the vast multitude of kitchen products that it offers.

  • Cuisinart

    A popular American brand, Cuisinart produces sandwich makers or pizzelle makers with excellent quality. These makers come with several innovative features like excellent temperature control.

Pizzelle Makers Buying Guides

When you are thinking of buying a pizzelle maker, there are several things that need to be taken into consideration. In the section that follows, we will discuss the factors that you should take into account before purchasing a pizzelle maker. When you are purchasing a pizzelle maker, you should know the requirements that you are looking for.

  1. Number/Size Of Cookies Per Plate

    You should know the number of pizzelles that you plan on making at once. The size of your pizzelles is another factor that you should take into consideration. However, if the size of the pizzelle maker doesn’t matter to you and you want to make the maximum number of pizzelles in one cooking session, you should opt for models which have a larger number of cookies per plate. In contrast, if you want your pizzelles to be larger, you should be mindful of the diameter of the cooking grid. You can conveniently prepare pizzelles with a diameter of 3.25 to around 5 inches.

  2. Cooking Time

    If you are someone who wouldn’t want to spend a lot of time preparing pizzelles, you should opt for a model which brags about a short cooking span. But the short cooking time comes with a price. You will need to constantly pay attention to your food to ensure that it isn’t overcooked or burnt or even undercooked for that matter.

  3. Type Of Cooking Surface

    The most important factor of a pizzelle maker is that it has to be non-stick. If you are unable to install a non-stick model, make sure you use non-stick to make your pizzelle maker’s surface non-stick. In addition, the material which has been used to make the pizzelle maker is also a determinant of the overall performance of your pizzelle maker.

    Opt for the pizzelle maker which is made using aluminum alloy because it facilitates an even distribution of heat for a perfectly crisp texture. While you can even opt for stainless steel because it offers non-stick properties, it is not the best option when it comes to heat retention as well as distribution.

  4. Indicator Light

    If you wish to be alerted when your pizzelles are ready to be consumed, you should be on the lookout for models which possess indicator lights. Note that there are certain models out there that offer you an indication of when the pizzelle maker is hot enough to cook but such makers don’t determine whether your pizzelles are ready to be consumed.

    In contrast, the products which are equipped with a Ready-To-Eat indicator light will also be equipped with a Ready-To-Cook indicator light. Thus, if you don’t want to rely on guesswork when preparing your pizzelles, you can opt for such models.

  5. Other Features

    Apart from the already mentioned factors, there are some other features too that you would want to look for, such as a steam guard. A steam guard provides protection to your hands from the heat which is escaping through the pizzelle maker. The cool-to-touch feature is another feature you might want to consider. This feature functions as a safety measure to ensure that you don’t end up burning yourself while you are cooking. If you wish to make your kitchen experience as hazard-free as possible, you should opt for a product that comes with this feature.

    An extra thick cooking plate can also assist you in ensuring a better cooking experience because such plates ensure that both the cooking plates touch your batter evenly. This in turn will make your pizzelles more evenly cooked and much crispier.

    If you plan on having fixed settings for various kinds of browning, you should be on the lookout for such models. Although such products would eliminate guesswork completely, it is also an indication that your product doesn’t guarantee an ideal level of crispiness and browning.

How To Use A Pizzelle Maker?

If you are using a pizzelle maker for the first time, you shouldn’t be worried about anything. Luckily enough, it is extremely easy to use a pizzelle maker. But if you are not confident enough to use a pizzelle maker, this section will help you through it.

  1. Start by spraying a layer of non-stick oil on the cooking surface of your pizzelle maker. You can also use a paper towel to remove the excess oil if your pizzelle maker is non-stick.

  2. Heat your unit till it has reached the required temperature for baking. If you have opted for a model which has an indicator light, be watchful so that you don’t miss the time when you have to start cooking.

  3. Pour the feasible amount of batter on the cooking surface of your pizzelle maker. If you are confused about the right quantity of batter, you can start by first putting in small batches of the batter.

  4. Close the lid of your pizzelle maker tightly. Close your pizzelle maker’s lid tightly to ensure that either side has been cooked properly. Note that you shouldn’t keep on checking your cookies time and again because it will cause the heat to escape.

  5. When your cookies have been baked properly, simply remove them from the surface of the pizzelle maker. Remember that no crumbs should be left behind because they would end up damaging the next batch of cookies.


Should I Spray My Pizzelle Maker?

Although almost every pizzelle maker is equipped with a non-stick finish, it is still a viable option to use a thin layer of oil on the cooking surface of your product for better results. If you are health conscious, you can even choose to wipe off the excess oil using a paper towel while the pizzelle maker is still preheating.

How Do You Keep Your Pizzelle Crisp?

If you plan on keeping your pizzelles crisp to the maximum possible extent, you can simply wrap your cookies in aluminum foil. Then, once they have cooled down to a significant extent, simply position them inside a tight bag or container for ensuring their crispness. Another way to keep your pizzelles crisp is by eliminating the use of baking powder. Since baking powder has the tendency to make your cookies fluffier and thicker, leaving it out implies that your treatment can remain crisp for a longer duration of time.

Can You Make Waffles In Pizzelle Makers?

Yes, you can prepare your waffles inside a pizzelle maker. However, since pizzelles tend to be relatively thinner than waffles, you might find it difficult to achieve the ideal thickness for the waffles. But you will be able to achieve the desired results with some degree of practice.

Can I Use My Pizzelle Iron To Make Krumkake?

In theory, you can use your pizzelle iron to make a krumkake. But the difference in the thickness of a pizzelle and a krumkake as well as their recipes makes it necessary to use some trial and error before you become proficient in the art of using your pizzelle iron for preparing krumkake.

Is A Pizzelle Maker The Same As A Waffle Maker?

While there are some points of similarities between a pizzelle maker and a waffle maker, they are not exactly the same. The waffle iron or waffle maker leaves off a unique grid pattern on each waffle. On the other hand, a pizzelle maker imparts a distinct pattern on each cookie.


Thus, a pizzelle maker is a device of the present era. You can use it to prepare pizzelles as well as other cookies and desserts. Note that operating a pizzelle maker is a brainer and you can easily become a pro at it once you get the gist of it.

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