Can You Put A Plate In An Air Fryer?

These days, frying food at home has become increasingly popular. Additionally, while frying meals at home are practical, there are certain hazards involved. Cooking oil, for instance, is susceptible to rancidity over time. This implies that you would have to discard a lot of pricey oil.

Due to the time and energy savings, home frying is gaining popularity. Furthermore, it enables us to save money. To fry meals at home, there are numerous methods. The deep fryer approach is the one that is most frequently employed.

Kitchen equipment called an air fryer cooks food by blowing hot air over it as opposed to using oil. The appliance consists of two parts: an inner chamber with the heat source and an exterior basket where food is placed.

A platter can be put in the oven, but it won’t become as crispy as it would in an air fryer. Here are some pointers on how to successfully insert a plate into an air fryer if you want to give it a try.

Air fryers make it simple to prepare a wide variety of delectable meal preps, but they require different equipment for each type of dish. Before using cookware in your air fryer, be sure it is the right kind for the job.


Using Plastic Plate In An Air Fryer

Just as you wouldn’t put a plastic plate in the oven, it is not advisable to use one in the air fryer. Plastic utensils cannot be used in an air fryer together with plastic plates.

The plastic plate will melt and be destroyed by the air fryer’s extremely high temperature, along with the food that was put on top of it.

To prevent any additional mess and maybe a damaged air fryer, it is advised to stay away from using any plastic while using an air fryer.

Using Silicone Plate In An Air Fryer

If a silicone plate has received an oven-proof rating, using it in an air fryer is safe.

On the market, there are an increasing number of silicone baking and cooking plates and pans, and as long as they are oven-proof, you may use them in an air fryer.

Once more, while inserting the silicone plate into the air fryer, you only need to make sure that no air vents are blocked.

Using Plate In My Air Fryer

You may use an air fryer with a plate, as long as they are oven-safe, this covers a wide range of plates, such as ceramic, glass, metal, and steel plates.

However, there is one thing that you must watch out for if you do decide to put a plate in your air fryer, and that is restricting the airflow. The fan may not be able to circulate air properly if the plate is in the way.

Therefore, there is no reason why you can’t put a plate in your air fryer to cook a particular cuisine that you believe calls for it. Just watch out for the plate getting in the way.

6 Things To Avoid Put In An Air Fryer

Here are a few things you should not put in an air fryer-

  1. Sweet Things

    Never put cotton candy (also known as fairy floss, spun sugar, or spun sugar) in your air fryer. This may go without saying. or tart gummy bears. None of the entire Subway sandwiches, Boggle matches, Apple Watches, or games of Boggle (thanks, Air Fryer Guy!). The simple truth is that sweet meals will burn and melt. Stop trying to crisp up these things in an air fryer since they are simply not built for it.

  2. Foods With A Lot Of Fat

    Bacon brings up the issue of extra fat and oil making a mess inside an air fryer. None of the instruction books for the most popular air fryers forbid placing bacon in the basket. However, many users advise against it due to the extra oil that stains the basket. Bacon cleaning is rather labor-intensive, Therefore, if you’re not allergic to hard work, go for it!

  3. Wet Batter

    You can use a metal or glass baking dish to contain things like batter for cakes and dough for bread.” If your cooking utensil fits in the basket and is oven safe, it is also air fryer safe. Unless they are frozen, avoid eating meals with batter, such as corn dogs. Even for Air Fryer Guy, coating any item with wet batter and air frying it never works out properly. Fish sticks and other dishes with breading are OK.

  4. Dry Seasoning

    The use of dry spice blends is discouraged in the YouTube video on Mashed because they blow about. If those spices are, um, spicy ones, this may be really challenging! Start the coughing fit. However, they do mention that adding a little oil would help them stick.

  5. Liners, Such As Paper Towels Or Wax Paper

    Wax paper and paper towels are a firm no according to Fabulessly Frugal for lining the basket. They’ll ignite! But as long as it doesn’t hinder airflow, aluminum foil is acceptable.

  6. Grains, Such As Popcorn Or Rice

    The majority of grains, including rice, won’t effectively cook in an air fryer. You’ll need an additional container to hold the rice, and the water won’t become hot enough. The maximum temperature an air fryer can reach is 400°F, which is also insufficient to pop popcorn, which is everyone’s go-to snack (or occasionally dinner).

Cons Of Using Plate In An Air Fryer

Do you like to air fried food on a plate? If so, you should probably think again because utilizing a plate might really lead to some issues-

Using a plate might obstruct the airflow needed for an air fryer to cook food evenly and efficiently. As a result, the food may cook unevenly, with some portions receiving more or less cooking time.

Make sure there is still sufficient ventilation and airflow for the food to cook by being cautious about the position you choose for the plate before inserting it into the air fryer. If not, you might not be pleased with the outcomes!


Can You Place Glass In An Air Fryer?

Simply, you absolutely can. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that air fryers operate differently from conventional ovens, necessitating a few additional considerations.

Can You Put Aluminum Foil In An Air Fryer?

Yes, you could put aluminum foil inside an air fryer. However, because of the forceful air, the foil has to be fastened to the meal or air fryer basket. According to, if you don’t, you run the danger of the foil falling free and flying off the appliance as your meal cooks.

According to the website, users must “mold and shape” the foil to fit the air fryer’s “basket” or the “meal you’re cooking.” According to, make sure to fasten the foil to the food or the basket rather than the air fryer’s bottom, since doing so would obstruct the airflow and prevent the food from properly cooking.

Why Would You Use a Plate In An Air Fryer?

In an air fryer, a plate is frequently utilized to assist disperse heat uniformly. Your food may cook unevenly or burn if you don’t use a plate. Additionally, utilizing a plate will help keep your air fryer clean since you can easily remove the plate when the meal has finished frying and throw the food particles away. Cleaning up is simple as a result.

Can You Put a Paper Plate in an Air Fryer?

There is a widespread myth that using paper plates in your air fryer to marinate the food is okay. This is not the case. You shouldn’t place paper plates into your air fryer while it is operating since doing so runs the risk of causing harm to the plates. However, there are various ways that paper plates may be used to enhance the cooking of your meal.

You may use paper plates to season the interior walls of your air fryer before you turn it on. Before utilizing the plate, it is crucial to ensure that it is totally dry since otherwise, the oil may not adhere to it correctly. Paper plates are another option for shielding your food from the air fryer’s heat. You may put something that has to be cooked but is very delicate on a paper plate and then put the plate into the air fryer. This will assist in keeping it wet and preventing it from becoming overheated.

There are various methods to utilize paper towels and plates to enhance your cooking, despite the fact that you should never do so while your air fryer is operating. Be careful to try out several methods to see which suits you and your air fryer the best.


The cooking items you choose to use in your air fryers must be thoroughly understood. Many ingredients cause difficulties, while some are helpful to your culinary process. I’m hoping that this essay will be useful to you in terms of protecting and using your air fryer effectively.

The use of air fryers is a highly practical technique to prepare healthy cuisine. Many people want to know if they can cook plates of food in an air fryer. You can most absolutely place a dish in an air fryer, is the response. We will go over the ideal approaches to doing this in this blog article. We’ll also provide some advice on how to achieve the greatest outcomes.

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