Instant Pot Vs. Rice Cooker: Which Is Better?

A kitchen is a special place for everyone. Nowadays the kitchen is becoming bigger and better day by day. The appliances are fascinating and make our lives easy and better. And many appliances are distinct from one another that we are not even aware of. And when it comes to staples, there are many types of equipment to make them better, from rice cookers to roti makers to instant pots, etc.

Rice Cooker Vs. Instant Pot

Instant pots and rice cookers are interchangeable and used for common purposes. But there is a thin line of difference between them. But both of them are cookers that are used in almost every house. Are you interested in knowing the right fit for your kitchen? Are you confused between choosing a rice cooker or an instant pot? Let’s figure out them. Before knowing which is best let us figure each of them out.


What Is An Instant Pot?

The instant pot is a versatile pressure cooker that replaces so many countertop appliances. It is a brand of multi-cookers manufactured by instant brands. These cookers are electronically controlled combined pressure cookers and slow cookers. These appliances are designed to consolidate the cooking and preparing of food into one device. It combines non-pressure slow cookers, sous vide immersion circulators, blenders, air fryers, and rice cookers. These instant pots are mostly useful for many as it gives more benefits and occupies less space. While using an Instant pot most of users have a doubt about Instant Pot Explode so you can read details about

Instant Pot

What Is A Rice Cooker?

A Rice cooker is a kitchen appliance that is used to cook rice with minimal supervision. It is an automated kitchen appliance designed to boil or steam rice. These are generally electrical appliances. These appliances are simple to use and are of great use to cooking industries, and it makes their job easier. You can also check the complete guide to choose a rice cooker for your kitchen. This guide helps you to get to know how to get a budget-friendly rice cooker.

Rice Cooker

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Instant Pot


  • User-friendly: there is no need to have so many vessels. Instant pot is all-in-one equipment. Therefore you can do many things in one pot. It can also retain the food hot until everyone completes them. It can also be used to cook one-pot meals and frozen meat, which does not need separate defrosting.

  • Energy Efficient: pressure cookers use less water than steamers since they are completely sealed. The pressure and heat are monitored and maintained instead of heating the cooking pot like a conventional oven which uses only 70% of fuel for heating which leads to energy savings.

  • Easy To Clean: since mostly they are made up of stainless steel they are easy to clean and maintain.

  • Healthy: Instant pots use moisture to cook food rather than oils and fats that make our food healthy and fat-free.


  • It isn’t really instant: it is not so instant that food gets ready the next moment you put them. It takes nearly 30 minutes on average to cook your food.

  • Cleaning: not all instant pots are easy to clean; some are bulky and hard to wash.

  • Tricky: there are many recipes you can cook with instant pot but you need to know how to use them wisely for different dishes which might be difficult initially.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Rice Cooker


  • It cooks rice automatically without much supervision.

  • It keeps food warm for a long time.

  • Many rice cookers are simple to use and easy to clean.

  • They are comparatively cheaper than instant pots.


  • It can cook only rice primarily and some additional items which it supports.

  • You need to have separate utensils to keep them scratch free.

  • Some rice cookers do not get off once done, we have to keep a check on them and off them when they are done.

Instant Pot Vs. Rice Cooker

  • Function

    The instant pot has numerous functions when compared to rice cookers. It can cook; brown, saute and sear in a pan but rice cookers can only cook rice and some additional items. An instant pot is a multifunctional pressure cooker whereas a rice cooker is like a mere food steamer.

  • Settings

    Instant pots have nearly 12 in-built programs like beans, meat, saute, etc. which makes our cooking easier in one vessel whereas a rice cooker has only an on/off switch.

  • Cooking Duration

    Instant pots take less time than rice cookers. On average, rice cookers take almost 25-35 minutes to cook whereas instant pots take only 20 minutes. Also, instant pots are energy efficient and save time and energy which makes them environmentally friendly.

  • Varieties

    Instant pots can do numerous functions and can cook cumbersome recipes in just one pot whereas rice cookers are made to steam rice and some additional cooking only.

  • Price Range

    Instant pots are generally more expensive than rice cookers since they provide more utility. While rice cookers are available for around 20$, instant pots cost around 100$. therefore instant pots are more costly than rice cookers.


What Else Can Be Cooked In A Rice Cooker?

Rice cookers can be used to cook barley, quinoa, or other grains of the same kind. Rice cookers can also be used to make pancakes. It can also be used to make meals like ribs, pizza, chili, etc. don’t be amused to know that you can also bake cakes in your rice cookers. Though typically made for cooking rice it can also make other simple recipes.

What Features To Look For In An Instant Pot And A Rice Cooker?

While buying your rice cooker see for its capacity. Buy it as per your need don’t go beyond it because the rice cooker will operate efficiently only within its specified limit. Look for a streaming tray because it will be very helpful in streaming your vegetables. Also, ensure that it has an automatic power-off option. On the other hand, while buying an instant pot look for its size and its inbuilt functions. Also, look for its lid detection system in an instant pot which gives an alert when lids are not closed properly. Also, ensure that it has a proper steam release system. In both cases ensure value for your money.

Is It Easy To Clean Instant Pots And Rice Cookers?

Instant pots are usually easier to clean than rice cookers. Rice cookers having metal plates at their base get stuck with cooked rice which is hard to remove when it gets dried. Also, rice cookers need to be handled with care because it is easily prone to scratches therefore one must be very careful with the tools you use for scrubbing as they can scratch your utensils. Therefore, instant pots are much easier to clean when compared with rice cookers.

Which One Should I Get? Which One Is A Better Investment?

Instant pots are a better investment because when it comes to cooking you can cook multiple dishes in a single pot. Also, it is easier to clean and maintain than rice cookers since rice cookers are easily prone to scratches. Therefore consider investing in instant pots. Better investment does not mean that instant pots are cheaper than rice cookers; it means that they provide more value for your money.


Everything has its own value, but its worth depends on the perspective of the buyer. Instant pots and Rice cookers both are cooking appliances that can make your cooking every day better and easier. Which one to choose entirely depends on your needs. Having known the pros and cons of both rice cookers and instant pots, choose the right fit for your kitchen.

If price matters the most for you and you are happy with a bowl of perfectly cooked rice and looking for compact equipment to fit your kitchen then rice cookers are the right choice for you. But if your priority is versatility, speed, perfect cooking, and time then just go ahead with instant pots. Because instant pots can cook many dishes and it is much faster than rice cookers. But remember if you have money and space then go ahead and grab them both into your kitchen because it will save your time and both together will provide more benefits than just one.

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