What Are The Pros And Cons Of Undercounter Refrigerators

An undercounter refrigerator is a very useful thing to use nowadays. It is also known as a cabinet fridge or bar fridge and is a smaller version of the regular fridge effectively designed to help you manage space. The main difference is that an undercounter fridge has a better economy of kitchen space and can hold fewer items. Undercounter fridges may or may not have a freezer.

An undercounter fridge is also different from a regular one because it offers fewer shelf space and does not come with features like ice makers and smart screens. The main purpose of an undercounter refrigerator is to store snacks, alcohol, juices, chocolates and all other miscellaneous items. It might not be a great option if you want to store meats, fruits and vegetables. However, they can be used on any outdoor parties as a built-in mini fridge to store the drinks and stuff for serving to the guests.


 Pros To Undercover Refrigerators

  • Compact and Portable

    Since these refrigerators are so small and short, they can be easily moved around the house and used for the backyard parties to store the drinks. They are super compact and fit into literally any space so can be used for trekking purposes; if you wish to have a feast up the mountains.

  • More counter space

    They automatically provide more counter space as the fridges have smaller profiles than the bulky regular sized ones. You don’t need to make extra space for this refrigerator, that is the best part. You probably have a lot of space under your counters so why not optimize it ? These types of fridges are low in height; hence, they do not block the light and air from flowing into your kitchen.

  • Customizable

    Undercounter refrigerators are very much customizable. You can select from a wide range of colors , designs , materials and not stick to old boring white and gray ones. You can even customize it in the store according to how you like it. It can be easily matched with your kitchen aesthetics and interiors. 

  • Energy Efficiency

    These undercounter refrigerators are very energy efficient which automatically means you will be required to pay less electricity bills and also you will be contributing towards a better environment. It is a win-win situation for all!

  • Convenient and safe

    It is such a type of refrigerator that can be used by all so it is very convenient. Kids and wheelchaired persons can sometimes find it difficult to reach the regular refrigerators so an undercounter refrigerator, being low in height can be accessed by all.

  • Low Maintenance

    These undercounter refrigerators are not so high maintenance like the regular big ones so it is an added advantage.

  • Easy to clean

    Coming to cleaning, it is easy to clean and can be cleaned by using mild detergent and water. Even though these refrigerators are used to store small items, they can get pretty smelly and dirty too. Use a napkin to clean the interiors and walls.

Undercounter Refrigerators

Cons To Undercover Refrigerators

  • Can’t store Large Items

    Since undercover refrigerators are so small and compact, they can never be used to store large items like a big try of vegetables or even several small things at once. There is a space crunch everyone is bound to face and in this case regular big sized refrigerators will be superior to these. Also, the shelves are quite short as compared so not only large items, it can in general store less items than other normal fridges.

  • Too expensive

    Although undercounter refrigerators are widely known for their advantages, they can be quite disadvantageous. You have to pay more for buying an undercounter refrigerator. It might seem odd as these refrigerators are small in size so why pay more? But yes, these refrigerators can cost you more than the regular ones so it is not something that can be affordable to all.

  • Some models can be noisy

    If you’re someone who doesn’t like too much noises and sounds, undercounter fridges are not the one for you.It can get quite noisy at times as the compressor can make some beeping sounds which is to be honest, one of the most annoying things.

Who Benefits From Undercounter Refrigerators?

There must be a question going on in your head amidst these pros and cons, who can benefit from them? Who are the ones that should buy them? Well, keeping apart the disadvantages that they possess, one can surely not overlook the advantages! The pros have led to the increased usage of these types of refrigerators these days. The places where they are most beneficial are-

  • Anyone who wants more storage space

    An undercounter refrigerator is the option to go for if you want more space in your kitchen. There can be two implications to this statement. One, you already have a regular bulky refrigerator but for some reason your stuff just won’t fit into it! So instead of making another big purchase, it is wise to go for a small undercounter refrigerator. It would serve the purpose and as well use less space in your kitchen. Two, it can be that you are looking for a small refrigerator for your kitchen as your kitchen is not that big and keeping a regular one would just take up all your space, leaving no space for the other stuff.

  • Families with Children

    As mentioned earlier , there are several instances when kids want something from the refrigerator and they are unable to get it because, well, THEY CAN’T REACH! So an undercounter refrigerator really comes in handy. Also, if you have small children then storing baby food and baby milk can also take up more space in your regular refrigerators. In that case too, an undercounter refrigerator helps.

  • People who entertain often

    If you’re someone that often throws parties and likes being the host, these kinds of refrigerators would be beneficial to them. An undercounter refrigerator being portable and compact can be used to store drinks and keep it out in the lawn with ease- thus enabling you to have a great party with drinks.

  • Businesses with limited space

    If you have a business or rather a new startup where you don’t want to invest much or have limited space, an undercounter refrigerator can be a great solution.

  • College dorm rooms

    College dorm rooms are another place where refrigerators are needed. You can be required to store multiple things like frozen foods for snacks, juices, eggs and so much more. Given that it is a dorm room, you can’t really keep much stuff in there so these refrigerators are super handy!

  • Minibars at home

    If you have a minibar at home then these kinds of refrigerators are also needed. Minibars have space for storing the drinks but if you want to keep them chilled and have a lot of space underneath, then you are someone who would definitely benefit from an Undercounter refrigerator.


Undercounter refrigerators are no doubt costly. They can be advantageous as well as be disadvantageous. Though disadvantages are there, many uses of these appliances are making a mark in people’s minds! Before buying an Undercounter refrigerator, be sure to know what its purpose and what are its long-term benefits.

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