Gas Grills Vs Charcoal Grills Which is Better?

The gas used in a gas grill is propane in liquid form, usually connected to a tank or a cylinder at some places it can also be connected to your kitchen gas pipeline connection.

The best part about gas grills is that they are super convenient and easy to use, which makes them user-friendly.

It’s easier to light up with a gas grill as it takes around about 10 minutes to heat up to the max, you can cook your favorite Hamburger or your favorite steak.

You don’t have to wait for years to get the cooking started. Gas Grills are easy to use. You have control under your hands. You can decide the temperature to go up or down with a touch on the knob just like your kitchen stove.

The love for barbeque starts with deciding on which would be preferred for grilling food and veggies, whether it would be on the gas griller, or would it be done on the charcoal griller.

Many professional grillers say that you can miss the distinctive smoky flavor when you use gas grillers as there is no smoke in these grillers but for the ordinary public, it is easier to work on a gas grill than on a charcoal grill.

Gas Grills Vs Charcoal Grills


Charcoal Grill at a Glance

Charcoal grills are the favorite among professional grillers as they are having that essential smokey texture and flavor in

The food we cook, which we all love a lot. This kind of texture and flavor goes missing when we use a gas griller.

Dishes that are cooked on a charcoal griller are drool-worthy dishes, with the use of charcoal or evening adding different types of wood, also enhances the flavor of your meats and more.

You can cook directly over the grill for that distinctive charred mark or just keep the coal away, just at the correct spot where you get enough smoke, just apt for cooking it to perfection, they just need to be replenished before you are over with cooking.

A quick reminder, you need to put the coal off completely before keeping your grill away, as this may cause fire-related mishaps.

Price Range For Gas Grills/Charcoal Grills

Gas Grill

If You Are Looking For A Gas Grill, you must have a budget in your mind, At the price you are looking for, you must have the best in your slot, depending on the budget you have.

When I searched for grillers, the Gas Grills’ prices appeared to range from, as low as 100$ to a hefty price of 6,000$, which depended on the quality of the grill & its features.

Other factors that could be considered are as follows-

  • Check the current status of your yard set-up, and check if it’s perfect You can buy the grill, where it needs to be kept as the size will affect the price range, Smaller the Grill, the lesser the price range, and vice versa.
  • How many times you Grill in a week or month could matter a lot if you use the more often the grill, then more resources and fuel will be used, and you would need a heavy, durable, and very sturdy grill.
  • The number of people you plan on cooking for, matters, as more people means, more pressure on the grill Stoves, so you will need to buy your griller according to usage and way of grilling.
  • Your way of Grilling If you cook indirectly then it will take a longer time to cook, buy a grill that has at least 3 stove burners or close, or you won’t get an even cook, the more burners, the more the price of the grill.

Charcoal Grills

These grills are the favorite for some home cooks. This gives that distinctive flavor of smoke into your dishes and who does not like that smokey flavor in their favorite hot dogs or hamburgers or even wood-fired pizzas.

These grills Are less expensive as compared to gas grills. Some models are much more sophisticated than the normal ones.

For a cold griller one looks for its temperature control, heat retention, and clean-up post-cooking session, it should have features that make an easy setup so that there is a smooth cooking session with no problems whatsoever.

Some Gas Grills have a direct connection to natural gas, they don’t need lines or tanks, but they are restricted to an area, where gas runs, so we have the option to choose from if we need that line or not.

Kettle Grills are more space efficient and they are smaller in size as compared to gas grillers. You can choose from kettles to komodo, to Barrel grills you have a lot of options to choose from.

You can control the temperature in a charcoal grill and they do have shelf space, with tools and hooks, and wheels. High-end charcoal Grills have air vents and dampers for handling cooking temperatures.

Most charcoal grills are made up of metal, but they are options available in ceramics too, which helps in producing tender, juicy meats and more.

Gas Grill Price Points

Given below I have tried to mention in my opinion, different price ranges, starting from a budget-friendly grill to a high-end grill-

Entry-Level Grill

  • Size – Small
  • Parts- Cheap/ Inexpensive, very few
  • Adjustables available
  • Price Range- Under 100$-$300

Mid-Range Grill

  • Size – Medium
  • Parts – It Includes a wider range of grills. They have a good quality of adjustable and improved version of budget-friendly grillers
  • Those who have a little bit more money can afford this range of grillers
  • Price – 300$- 750$

Sophisticated/ Elite Class Grill

They have the most variety of range of Grills they do have top-notch quality and with add-on, exquisite features & they are known for their impeccable performance. They can be further subdivided into-

  • Premium Grills (up to 3000$)
  • Luxury Grills(starting $3000)
  • They have built-in heat management, with hoods and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What Is The Best Gas Grill?

After thorough findings, in my opinion, at present, the Weber genesis S- 435 Gas Griller is the best Gas griller. It’s made up of stainless steel, when kept in proper care it can last up to a decade or more.

Best Charcoal Grill You Can Buy?

Weber original kettle premium Charcoal Grill ( 22 inches). It’s a family-size charcoal grill for Less than 200$, what else do we need? It can cook anything and will work for a very long long time, it’s inexpensive and compact

What Grill Is ThE Safest Grill?

Outdoor electric grills are the safest grills to use as they won’t produce smoke like the charcoal griller or fumes like the propane one’s

They are 100 % hardwood, they need zero % oil or limestone products. Some places have restricted the use of charcoal grills, so they can use electric grills, as they are the safest.

Is Grilling With Charcoal Healthy?

Cooking with charcoal can be healthy, but it can also be dangerous as well, as too much of anything is harmful overdoing anything can cause health hazards, charcoal grills are bad for us as it creates heterocyclic amines (HCAs) Which cause cancer as tested in labs.

In the long run, eating grilled food on charcoal can cause harm but once in a while is okay, if you want to enjoy a weekend over your favorite grilled hamburgers in your yard on a Sunday afternoon is all good.


Before buying a griller, you need to go through a lot of things, so that you don’t impulse buy stuff.

This article could help you in making up your mind to buy a griller and also clear your thought bubble as to choose which type of griller is your preference.

This article shares an outlook on what and why should you buy a grill, having thousands of options to choose from along with their pros and cons.

Thus, choose the griller which suits your preference and would also be cost-effective, and maybe you could end up buying the griller of your dreams.

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