Can You Steam In An Air Fryer?

The air fryer is a small countertop convection oven. It is easy to use and yields fast cooking time. One of its primary capabilities is the capacity to fry meals with no or little cooking oil. This useful kitchen tool can also do many other things, depending on the air fryers you’re using. The air fryer and convection oven both operate on the same principles.

In an air fryer, the meals are prepared using the convection effect. The device’s top heating coil produces radiant heat. At that point, the food will be cooked by being circulated in extremely hot air that is being circulated by the fan system below. The air fryer is used for frying, and cannot be used for steaming.

The food item is surrounded by the swift air flow, which cooks it rapidly and gives it a crisp texture. It is not the same as deep frying, but air frying makes your food crisp. Unlike air fryers, which use little to no oil and a fry basket to cook your food, deep frying involves submerging your food in a vat of oil. The air fryers come in with multi-function features. They can use for roasting, baking, etc.


Working Of An Air Fryer

It is a compact, self-contained countertop appliance. It is also available in distinct ranges. It uses convection fans to quickly circulate hot air all around food that is placed in a fryer basket. The food is swiftly cooked and made crisp by the rapid airflow that surrounds it. To cook food that would normally be covered in oil, it circulates hot air. A heating source placed close to the food emits heat into the air fryer’s frying chamber while a fan moves the heated air about.

Air Fryer

Convection heat is used to cook food so that it is crispy and browned on the exterior but moist and soft on the inside. In comparison to deep frying or conventional oven roasting, cooking using an air fryer takes less time and creates less mess. While using the air fryer, the ingredients go into a fryer-style basket that is then put into the preheated chamber. Like when food is coated in incredibly hot oil in a deep fryer, hot air rushes down and around the food in the basket.

Air Fryer And A Deep Fryer

A deep fryer cooks food in a vat of hot oil, but an air fryer usually bakes food at a high temperature using a powerful fan. Both fryers cook food quickly, however an air fryer needs a few minutes to prepare food, whereas a deep fryer can take up to ten minutes.

A deep fryer uses a lot of oil that absorbs into the meal, whereas air frying uses little to no oil. Generally, the food items to be deep-fried are coated in batter, which cooks differently in an air fryer than in a deep fryer, anything cooked in both appliances comes out crispy and juicy but does not have the same taste. Before using an air fryer to cook battered meals, spritz them with oil to help them color.

Working Of A Steamer

It is a more gentle form of cooking than many other cooking methods. The steaming will preserve the flavor and consistency of every item. Additionally, steamers can be used to prepare meat, fish, shellfish, eggs (in their shells), pasta, grains, and even puddings in addition to vegetables. Simple steaming can be achieved by placing a colander over a pot of hot water. For the cooking technique of steaming, moist heat is necessary.

The steamer works on the steam produced by the boiling water. Boiling water turns into steam when it vaporizes, producing heat. Food is cooked by steam, which also provides heat to it. The food is not mixed with the water as it would be during boiling, and it only comes into touch with the steam. When water is heated to a boiling point, it turns into steam, which transfers heat to the food and cooks it. This method of cooking uses moist heat. Unlike when food is immersed in boiling water when food is steamed, it is kept separate from the boiling water but comes into touch with the hot steam.

Difference Between An Air Fryer And A Food Steamer

  • Even though both methods are beneficial for food preparation, there are certain differences between these two methods. We can see some of them.

  • Air fryers cook food by circulating hot air around it. As a result, your food will cook more quickly and have crispier exteriors. When you steam food, boiling water is used to produce hot steam that cooks the food

  • Cooking with a food steamer is always healthier than air fryer as an air fryer cuts calories

  • Air fryers make the food item more crispy, but the steamer only cooks the food

  • Air fryers are faster than steamers while considering the cooking time

  • Air fryers are costlier than food steamers

Difference Between Air Fried And Steamed Vegetables

  • Steamed vegetables have more nutrients than the ones that have been fried

  • Since only water vapors are released into the atmosphere while cooking food via steaming, it is a more environmentally friendly method of doing so

  • Because frying pulls water from the vegetables, it causes the object to be fried to reduce its size. But in the case of steam, the vegetable that is being heated typically expands as the cells take up water.

  • Since water is the only ingredient added during steaming, the calorific content of the vegetable is unaffected by steaming. But on the other hand, the calorific content of the vegetables will not be affected while frying


How To Cook Vegetables In An Air Fryer?

When cooked, all vegetables lose part of their nutritional value, although air-fried veggies lose less than those prepared in other ways. But in the air fryer, vegetables taste fantastic when served by themselves, especially as an appetizer at a gathering or party. They provide a tonne of nutritious goodness when served for dinner alongside any protein, such as chicken, pork, or beef.

How To Steam Vegetables In An Air Fryer?

While an air fryer and steamer can be used to cook vegetables, an air fryer cannot steam vegetables since an air fryer circulates hot air with little to no oil. You can achieve great results by either frying or dehydrating vegetables. Vegetables cooked in air fryers won’t have the same flavor as those cooked in a food steamer.

Can You Steam Vegetables In Air Fryer?

Air fryers cannot be used to steam food. Despite having numerous cooking options, the air fryers do not have a steamer button on the control panels. Vegetables can be cooked in the air fryer to perfection by either frying them or dehydrating them. Vegetables fried in air fryers will not have the same flavor as those cooked in food steamers. Frying is the process of pulling water from the vegetables.

Can You Put Water In An Air Fryer?

You are not advised to put water into an air fryer without harming it and most likely spoiling it because air fryers are electric appliances with no area to securely add water. It is unsafe and not advised to add water to an air fryer. Use a specialist steamer device, a pot with a steamer basket, or a pot with holes in the bottom intended for steaming if you wish to steam your meal. If you are pouring a small amount of water into the air fryer, then it will not harm the device or food item. It will be getting evaporated. Steam is created when the liquid in raw food is heated inside the air fryer. The air fryer then uses a vent hole at the rear of the appliance to expel the gas. The steam won’t harm or damage your air fryer. Once your food is finished cooking, it will stop pouring out.

Can You Steam Dim Sims In An Air Fryer?

Even though air fryer dim sims are simpler to produce, you have to be experienced to make your homemade food items. For this, you have to start from scratch. You can change the components as you like or add whatever you like to get the flavor you want. But the air fryer cannot be used to produce steam. It adopts the principle of dehydration and so that no point in discussing steaming with an air fryer.


An air fryer cooks the food item without oil. The steamer cooks the food with the help of the heat generated from the steam. The food items cooked with a steamer and air fryer take different tastes. The air fryer is faster in cooking compared to the food steamer. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Also, an air fryer is entirely different from a deep fryer as the air fryer does not use oil.

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