8 Best Wine Decanters In 2022

A wine decanter is a glass container where you can pour your wine before having it or serving it. A decanter is used for enhancing the flavor of the wine and giving it a better taste. Not only does it make your wine look more impressive, but it can also improve the taste.

Decanting allows oxygen to interact with the wine, helping to open up its flavors and aromas. Additionally, it helps to remove sediment that can build up in older wines. Sediment can give the wine a bitter taste, so decanting can help to improve the flavor of your favorite vintages.

Most people out there use a wine decanter to remove the tannins and soften them which allows more oxygen to flow into it more readily. Though it is said that decanting is for the older wines, many white and red wines that taste dull in the first instance can be decanted to taste better.


Need Of Wine Decanter

A wine decanter will help you to:

  1. Aerate The Wine

    Once you pour the wine into the decanter it is exposed to a lot of air that helps the wine to open up and aeration begins. It enhances the aroma and taste of the wine making it taste heavenly. Aeration of the wine smoothens the tannins and collects the sediments that get collected over time.

  2. Remove Sediment

    Old wines collect sediments over time and it is very necessary to remove those as they can affect the taste and aroma of it. A decanter is a perfect choice to help you remove that.

Things To See In A Wine Decanter

There are multiple things that you should consider while making a purchase for the wine decanter.

A few of them are:

  1. Type

    Consider what type of wine decanters you need. There are several types of wine decanters like – standard wine decanters with the usual circular shape and spout. U-shaped wine decanter with a swan-like structure. Snail-shaped wine decanter, bell-shaped decanter that has a punt for collecting the sediment and so many more types. Do a thorough study about the types of wine decanters and then make a purchase.

  2. Easy To Hold And Pour 

    A good decanter should be lightweight so that it is easy to hold and lift and pour. Decanters that are heavy are very difficult to pour from. They might look very attractive and unique but might not serve the best purpose. Decanters with a curved lip tend to make less of a mess than decanters with a straight-cut mouth.

  3. Attractive Design 

    A decanter is a very stylish thing to have in your kitchen or bar so make sure it is a classy one if you’re planning to display it more frequently. A good-looking decanter can earn you many many compliments from your guests and also is a very appealing thing to have on the countertop.

  4. Size

    Depending on the quantity of wine you want to decant, you can choose either small or large-sized wine decanters. Small wine decanters will decant a glass or two while large wine decanters can be used for decanting more than one bottle. But do not pour all the wine at once as the wine may not breathe properly if there is too much liquid.

  5. Ease Of Cleaning

    Most decanters are safe with dishwashers but many are not, and need to be hand washed only. These are the type of dishwashers that need to be taken care of more gently.

  6. Sturdy And Durable 

    A decanter is made up of glass so it is very necessary to make sure that the glass is of sturdy material. A high-quality glass or crystal won’t break or chip or crack easily.

  7. Extra Features 

    A decanter should also contain some extra features too. If you don’t own accessories for your decanter you should probably consider buying one that contains a stopper, cleaning tools, etc.

The 8 Best Wine Decanters In 2024

Best Overall: Le Chateau Red Wine Decanter
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Best In Value: Riedel Merlot Decanter
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Best With Stopper: Ravenscroft Crystal Wine Decanter
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Best In Budget: Vintorio Wine Decanter
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Best U-Shaped: HiCoup Red Wine Decanter
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Best In Aesthetics: Godinger Dublin Wine Decanter
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Best In Capacity: USBOQO HBS Red Wine Decanter
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Best With Set: YouYah Iceberg Wine Decanter
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Best Overall: Le Chateau Red Wine Decanter

The decanter’s 8.5″W x 10″H dimensions make it the perfect size for a standard bottle of wine, and its timeless design ensures that it will never go out of style.

The hand-blown glass construction ensures that each decanter is unique, and the lead-free design makes it safe to use.

This decanter has a 32-ounce capacity. It also has a wide base that helps to prevent tipping, and the long neck makes pouring a breeze.

Its slender neck provides the perfect pour. The slanted spout makes it easy to pour without spilling.


  • 100% Lead-Free Crystal Construction
  • Provide A Large Surface Area
  • Elegant Design
  • Easy To Hold


  • Quality Should Be More Long Lasting

Best In Value: Riedel Merlot Decanter

This Decanter is made with machine-blown crystal and has a capacity of 34.22 fluid ounces. The decanter is designed to aerate and enhance the flavor of your favorite merlot wines.

The decanter has been designed with a tall body, which allows for more efficient aeration of the wine. The result is a smoother, more balanced flavor that enhances the taste of any merlot.

The result is a wine that is more flavorful and aromatic, with less tannin and bitterness.

It is designed to decant old wines just a few moments before serving, allowing the full flavor and aroma of the wine to be enjoyed.


  • Easy To Clean
  • Provide 34 Ounce Capacity
  • Very Simple Design
  • Decant Wine Very Fast


  • Surface Area Is Small

Best With Stopper: Ravenscroft Crystal Wine Decanter

This decanter has a generous 66 fluid ounce capacity, making it perfect for serving large groups. It also comes with a 5-pound weight, which helps to keep it securely in place on your table or counter.

The decanter is made of high-quality lead-free crystal, and it features a wide base that helps to prevent spills. The wide base of the decanter allows for maximum aeration, while the narrow neck helps to control the pour.

It comes with a glass stopper that fits snugly into the neck of the decanter, creating an airtight seal. This not only helps to preserve the wine’s flavor and aroma but also prevents oxidation.

It comes with a gift box, making it a perfect present for any occasion.


  • Comes With 66 Fluid Ounces Capacity
  • Made With Lead-Free Crystal
  • Includes A Glass Stopper
  • Gift Box Available


  • A Bit Difficult To Clean

Best In Budget: Vintorio Wine Decanter

It has very sleek and elegant 6.5″W x 8.7″H dimensions. It is handcrafted with lead-free crystal for optimal wine taste.

The decanter has a capacity of 1300 milliliters, making it ideal for sharing with friends or family.

The design of this beautiful decanter allows for easy pouring and aeration, so your wine can breathe and reach its full potential flavor profile.

It is made of high-quality, lead-free glass, and is break-resistant and dishwasher safe. The wide base provides stability, while the sleek design ensures that your wine will look great on any table.


  • Holds 44 Ounces Of Wine
  • Made With Break-Resistant Glass
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Budget-Friendly


  • Breaks Easily

Best U-Shaped: HiCoup Red Wine Decanter

The decanter is crafted from hand-blown, 100% lead-free crystal glass, and it has a capacity of 800 milliliters.

The unique U-shaped design allows for maximum aeration of your wine, allowing it to breathe and open up. The wide base also prevents tipping.

Its sleek design and elegant shape make it a popular choice for both casual and formal settings.

The decanter is also tall enough to accommodate a standard bottle of wine. It is also easy to clean.


  • Provide Versatility In Drinking
  • Easy To Care
  • Best To Gift Someone


  • Glass Is Very Cheap

Best In Aesthetics: Godinger Dublin Wine Decanter

This lead-free decanter holds up to 750ml of wine, making it the perfect size for a dinner party. The stable base ensures that your wine will aerate properly, while the long neck makes it easy to pour.

The long neck and tapered spout make pouring a breeze, and the sturdy glass construction ensures that your wine will taste its best.

This Decanter is a work of art that provides both brilliant and timeless design. The decanter also features a stopper that fits snugly into the neck, preventing accidental spills.


  • Provide Timeless Design
  • Includes 750ml Of Capacity
  • Provide Glass Stopper
  • Perfect Giftable Decanter


  • Some Issues With Material

Best In Capacity: USBOQO HBS Red Wine Decanter

This decanter has 5.91″W x 14.57″H dimensions. The decanter is made of lead-free, and hand-blown premium-grade crystal glass.

It has a capacity of 1200ml. It holds nearly two standard bottles of red wine. It provides a steady grip for easy pouring and cleaning.

The wide mouth makes it easy to pour wine without spillage, and the sleek design is both attractive and functional.

It also comes with a 2-year money-back guarantee.


  • Easy To Hold
  • Holds Up to 2 Bottle Of Wine
  • Comes With 2 Year Money-Back Guarantee


  • Quality Is Questionable

Best With Set: YouYah Iceberg Wine Decanter

The YouYah iceberg decanter is one of the most unique and elegant wine decanters on the market. With a capacity of 1400 milliliters.

The aerator fits snugly into the neck of the decanter. It is also very easy to use. Simply pour your wine into the decanter, insert the aerator, and watch as the wine is instantly aerated.

The decanter is made from 100% lead-free crystal, so you can be sure that your wine will taste its best. The wide base of the decanter allows for maximum aeration, while the long neck prevents spillage.


  • Comes With Lots Of Accessories
  • Holds Up to 1400ml Wine
  • Works Very Efficiently
  • Gives Fast Aeration


  • Few Complaints Of Leakage


How Do Decanters Work?

The work of a decanter is not restricted to just one! A decanter can perform several functions to enhance the taste of your wine. Firstly, decanters can help to remove the sediment that gets accumulated over time at the bottom of wines that are old. A decanter also helps your wine to breathe, softening the tannins and opening up a range of complex characteristics! They enhance the flavor and aroma of the wine by exposing it to air, and also provide a solution if you broke your cork while opening the bottle!

How Do You Clean And Care For Decanters?

To take care of your decanters, always check first whether or not they are dishwasher safe. Some decanters are not safe with the dishwasher and are best if you wash them with your hands. Another thing is always and always clean your decanter after each use. Don’t keep it unwashed as it is highly unhygienic. If you are willing, you can also buy a cleaning kit for your decanter. Never use dish soap for cleaning your decanter, it can leave behind bad smells.

How Long Should You Decant Wine?

If your wine is very old, say 10-15 years – then 30 minutes of decanting will do justice before drinking. Younger and more recent wines can be decanted for a bit longer.

How Do You Store Decanters?

Decanters are very fragile and lightweight so you must plan to store them somewhere where they will stay safe. Take extra care if you have small kids or any kind of pet at home. We would suggest you store it on a closed rack so that it won’t fall off. Store it in a place with moderate temperature, not too cold, not too hot as glass utensils are prone to breaking when exposed to extreme conditions.

How Do You Clean A Wine Decanter?

You would want to clean your decanter after every wash. If the decanter is not muchly stained, simply use hot water or lukewarm water. But if your decanter is stained, it must be so as a result of the wine sitting in the decanter for long. It can be removed using lemon juice and vinegar / baking soda/bleach as well as a scrubbing agent such as rice and sea salt. Mix the ingredients to form a cleaning solution and rinse it with hot water. You can also use a bottle brush to clean the insides of the bottle. 
Once the cleaning is done, dry it nicely.

How Long Can You Leave Wine In A Decanter?

Wines can be kept in a decanter overnight or even for 2-3 days as long as the decanter has an airtight cork stopper. But it is not advisable to keep the wine in the decanter for too long as it can get stale from being exposed to too much air and oxygen.

Should You Decant White Wine?

White wines usually don’t need to be decanted. Decanting can sometimes hamper the taste and feel of white wines. You should only decant white wines when the wine smells odd or looks dull. You can decant a white wine for about 15-20 minutes and you’re good to go.

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