10 Creative Uses For Beverage Coolers

A beverage cooler is an electrical device that stores various beverages. A beverage cooler enables users to store their drinks in a cool spot other than the refrigerator. While storing drinks is the primary function served by a beverage cooler, this device has several creative uses.

You can store vegetables and fruits such as apples, pears, bananas, grapes, peaches, and plums in your beverage cooler. You can even store your chocolate in your cooler to avoid the transference of any undesired flavors. You can even use your beverage cooler to store a wide variety of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. For instance, milk-based drinks can be stored in the beverage cooler as well.

In the following article, we shall delve into the 10 most creative uses for beverage coolers apart from the conventional function of storing beverages.


Top 10 Creative Uses For Beverage Coolers

  1. Chill Martini Glasses

    When you pour your beverages into glasses set at room temperature, there is a significant decline in the cold temperature. Some beverages, such as martinis, are enjoyed the most only when they are chilled. Therefore, you can improve the chill factor of your drinks by storing and thereby chilling your glasses of martini or any other glasses for that matter in the beverage cooler at least sometime before the onset of your party and serving. The thinness of the glass will also have an impact on the cooling effect. If your glass is thin, the cooling effect will be quick. You can enjoy chilled martini glasses without much effort if you choose to invest in a beverage cooler of your choice.

    Freezing glasses in the beverage cooler is a better option than freezing them in your refrigerator because there are strong chances that your glasses might pick the smell or odors of the items surrounding them.

    Many people choose to wash their glasses with water before freezing them. While you are free to do that, ensure you wipe the water out of your glasses. This is because if you don’t wipe it down, your drinks will be watered down and you will surely not like that.

  2. Chill Jell-O (Shots)

    There must have been instances when you had to move the items in your under-counter refrigerator to accommodate your Jell-O shots. You can conveniently use the lower temperature range of any beverage cooler for chilling your Jell-O. Beverage coolers provide temperatures as low as 32 F, allowing you to chill your shots in as few as four hours. Therefore, you can enjoy your chilled Jell-O shots if you opt for a beverage cooler. 

  3. Fresh Aloe Vera

    Similar to the case of storing fresh cut flowers, you can also store fresh aloe vera in your beverage cooler. You can use it as a temporary option to store your aloe vera until you wish to use it. You must stick your aloe vera leaves in your freezer bag using a paper towel. When you store your aloe vera at cooler temperatures, your aloe vera leaves are preserved just like flowers, which aids you in cooling your skin and removing the heat. 

  4. Store Vintage Wines + Craft Beers

    Beverage coolers are an ideal choice for storing drinks that require temperatures as low as 32 F. However, you might be tempted to store craft beers or wines in your beverage cooler due to space limitations. A few beverage coolers offer a temperature setting that goes as high as 72 F. You can undoubtedly store your vintage wines and craft beers with such temperature variation. 

    You can opt for the Smith & Hanks beverage cooler, which has the potential to hold as many as 178 cans of twelve ounces each that offer a moldable temperature range. You can use it to store wines or craft beers. 

  5. Condiment + Grilling Meat Storage

    When you’re cooking in your outdoor kitchen, you are likely to be put off if you have to go get every ingredient from your indoor kitchen. Not only is it inconvenient but also laborious. Sometimes stepping away from the grill is not a feasible option. You can save much time if you opt for a beverage cooler. You can use an outdoor beverage cooler to store your spices and condiments on a short-term basis. You can store anything and everything from hot dogs, mustard, chicken, onion, pickle, tomato, burger patties, and ketchup. Thus, a beverage cooler will enable you to store a wide variety of items, saving you from the inconvenience of constantly moving in and out of your house.

    You can opt for Whynter Stainless Steel Indoor/Outdoor cooler to temporarily store spices or condiments and even for grilling meats.

  6. Beauty Products

    Oftentimes, beauty products, especially the expensive ones, need to be stored at a cool, dry temperature which is difficult to attain in a humid or hot environment. In that case, a beverage cooler comes to the rescue. You can keep your beauty products with little or no preservative content inside the beverage cooler to avoid the growth of harmful bacteria. Since organic and natural products usually don’t contain any preservatives, you can extend their useful lifespan by storing them in a cool place inside your beverage cooler. 

  7. Cheeses + Chocolate

    You can use your beverage cooler for storing cheeses. Almost every type of cheese has to be stored at a temperature between 35 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit. However, there are a few cheeses which ought to be stored at a standard temperature. On the other hand, any type of hard cheese such as cheddar should be stored between 45 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also maintain the consistency as well as composition of your chocolate squares or candies by storing them in your beverage cooler.

  8. Fresh Cut Flowers

    How many times have you been dejected because you couldn’t preserve the flowers your friends, family, or significant others gifted? Well, you can use your beverage cooler to store your flowers conveniently. All you need to do is refrigerate your flowers at night. Since flowers tend to drink via their petals, you must provide them cool air so that they can breathe and at the same time, absorb moisture. 

    Therefore, you should store your flowers at night, particularly if your home tends to stay slightly warm and drier or if it’s summer season. You can store typical flowers at a temperature of 33-32 F.  On the other hand, tropical flowers should be set at a range of 50 to 55 F. 

  9. Temporary Crisper

    If your refrigerator crisper is full and can’t accommodate any more stuff, you can use your beverage cooler as a temporary option to store your leftover food items. You can conveniently store your sliced fruits and vegetables for kabob skewers and salads like apples, peaches, grapes, nectarines, strawberries, cucumbers, leafy greens, cilantro, and parsley. In addition, vegetable trays and deli can also be stored in the beverage cooler as they offer a consistent temperature to maintain freshness temporarily. 

    You can opt for the SUMMIT Built-In Glass Door cooler to get a sneak peak of your items and store your fruit containers with bottled beverages, pitchers, and containers. 

  10. Softening Ice Cream

    A beverage cooler offers a temperature range that isn’t freezing and, therefore, can be used to soften several conventionally frozen or solid items. For instance, you can easily soften your ice cream in chilled bowls inside a beverage cooler until you finish your meal, usually dinner. The temperature setting will ensure that your ice cream doesn’t melt. Instead the ice cream, spoon, and bowl will be kept cool till you consume it. This will ensure that you can enjoy your ice cream exactly as you like it. 


Therefore, if you love chilled drinks, you have likely invested in a beverage cooler. Given that it is not a small investment, you would surely want to put your cooler to other uses besides keeping your drinks cold. Thus, you can utilise your beverage cooler for a wide variety of purposes such as chilling your martini glasses, storing your meat and condiments, fruits as well as vegetables. You can also use your cooler to store your favorite Jell-O shots, wine and craft beers and use it as a temporary crisper. 

If you love to collect or store flowers, you can put them in your beverage cooler for a longer shelf life. Likewise, you can store your aloe vera in the cooler to retain its cooling properties. 

To conclude, beverage coolers will offer you a wide variety of alternative uses that are beneficial for you in the long run. Depending on your needs, you can choose any of the above-mentioned creative uses for beverage coolers.

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