Can You Freeze Brown Rice?

Brown rice is a prime food material in kitchens all around the globe. We all know how healthy the consumption of brown rice can be. It can give you a feeling of fill and at the same time provide your body with nutrition. It is generally one of the favorites in families. One of the major factors that people like brown rice is its shelf life. You need not visit groceries again and again to get brown rice. Just buy it once and here you have a stock for about eight months.

Brown Rice

Well, we know that we have a considerable shelf life for uncooked brown rice but what about cooked brown rice? At room temperature cooked brown rice does not have much shelf life. The option we have is to freeze the cooked brown rice and store them. The reason behind storing the cooked brown rice is the time it takes in cooking. One cannot cook it in hurry. It requires its own time to cook completely and hence one has to store it for consuming it without wasting much of the time cooking again.

Now, whenever you need to eat brown rice just reheat these frozen rice and there you have your diet ready to be consumed. These frozen rice can also be fried if you want to eat fried rice just fry them after reheating.


How Do I Freeze Brown Rice?

The issue that has to be faced at first is the sticking of the rice when they are kept in the freezer. If you do not want that to happen then the under-mentioned steps you must follow while freezing the brown rice:

  • Allow To Cool

    After boiling remove the rice and drain water from the same. Now give the rice a shower of cold water until the pan gets filled with water and starts covering the rice. Now leave the rice in the same condition for about fifteen minutes.

  • Split Into Portions

    Now just use a mug or a cup and split the rice into portions. Make sure the portions are equal once you are done with splitting.

  • Flatten The Rice Into Freezer Bags

    No after splitting them into similar portion sizes, flatten the cooked brown rice gently and place it into the bags which are going to be kept in the freezer. Spreading makes them get their space and does not let them stick to each other. Hence the rice remains in its original shape and size without sticking.

  • Seal, Label, And Freeze

    Now to remember on which day you are putting them in bags label the rice bags with the date of boiling mentioned above and seal the packets. You can also put the date by which it should be consumed.

How To Tell If Brown Rice Is Bad?

  • The smell is the first factor that can help you know whether your rice is fresh or far from being fresh. Fresh brown rice won’t have any smell at all, but rotten brown rice will smell quite bad. You can get stomach infection or digestion issues if you consume rice that smells this bad and hence smell works as an important factor in determining the current state of the rice.

  • The other way through which brown rice can get spoiled is due to the presence of insects. Insects can degrade brown rice once the bag is opened. There is a possibility that the packet was looking sealed but was actually not and insects might have already made their place inside brown rice. They also tend to lay their eggs inside the rice and then these insects grow in number. If you can see insects in your brown rice, there is a possibility that they have already started destroying the brown rice.

  • You should also check the grains of rice if it is having any holes because these insects make holes in the grain of the rice. You will also be able to see the eggs of these insects laid inside the rice pack. There might be some sticky material as well present with these eggs. One must not consume these grains as they can harm the consumer.

  • You must not store your rice in a place where there is the presence of extreme moisture as it can let insects mark their origin inside the rice pack and can help grow. You should keep the rice bag in a sealed container and in a cold environment.

  • The rice which has been cooked will start getting hardened with time and it says that the rice is out of moisture and is no more consumable.

What To Consider When Selecting The Best Rice Cooker?

Cooking in cookers is a struggle nowadays and these electric rice cookers have been in great demand lately. Several features have been introduced to these electric rice cookers. They have become a normal requirement nowadays somewhat like a refrigerator is a requirement in a similar way an electric rice cooker is a requirement. A few things are listed below that one should take care of while purchasing an electric cooker.

  • Size And Capacity

    Electric rice cookers are available in variable sizes and one can choose among the options as per the family size. These cookers are space efficient and would not ask for much space in your kitchens and at the same time, these electric rice cookers are portable as well. The size of the rice cooker is measured based on the cups of rice it can cook. You can buy a three to five-liter electric cooker if you are a family of about five people.

  • Easy To Operate

    Cooking rice will no more be a task for you it will just be about touch now. Just click the buttons as per your need and within a few minutes, your rice will be ready at your convenience. Just add rice, and the required amount of water and let the electric cooker do the rest. These cookers have features that will automatically adjust the timer as per the price you want, it is known as the self-timer or delay function. One can also set the starting time of the electric cooker and the electric cooker will let you know in how many minutes your rice will be ready.

  • Designs That Are Easy To Clean

    Well, you might have to think about cleaning the electric rice cooker if not about cooking rice. So one should make sure that the cooking bowl of the electric rice cooker is dishwasher safe. You should be able to remove and clean the cooking bowl and the lid. Choose the electric cooker with stainless steel or aluminum built and with the presence of nonstick coating. This will help you use the electric rice cooker for a longer duration.

  • Keep Warm Function

    Once the rice is ready to eat then most of the rice cookers automatically shuts down the cooking option and enable the keep warm option. This option lets the rice be kept warm until they are served. You need not come and check every time if your rice is ready or not, electric rice cooker will do all that for you.

  • Warranty And After-Sales Service

    One should keep a check on the warranty of the electric rice cooker. The more the warranty, the more will be reliability and the longer will be the life of the product. You can visit the company’s official site to check the warranty and after-sales service. This will answer all your concerns related to the product and after sales of the same.


How Can Reheated Rice Cause Food Poisoning?

Rice that is not yet cooked might contain Bacillus cereus, Which is the bacteria responsible for food poisoning. These spores can survive even after the food is cooked. If you let the rice at room temperature for a long then these spores grow into bacteria which can harm your stomach if you consume the same. These bacteria produce toxins and multiply in numbers within minutes.

How Long Can You Keep Cooked Rice In The Freezer?

Well, how you have to freeze the rice is already stated above. The rice after getting frozen should be consumed within a month. When you take the rice out of the freezer, reheat your rice just once as heating it multiple times is not preferred. Once you start reheating it make sure that it is consistently kept immensely hot to keep it free from any sort of bacteria.

How Long Does Brown Rice Last?

Cooked brown rice can last for about 3 months in the freezer. You might get to see some crystals on the rice. This is can affect the texture of the rice but would it is still consumable. Still, it is not recommended to store cooked brown rice for such a long period maybe just a few days will be enough for storing cooked rice in a freezer.

Can You Freeze Raw Brown Rice?

Well, yes you can freeze raw brown, and ultimately it will help in increasing the life of the brown rice. It will help in keeping the brown rice fresh and free from insects for a longer time duration. It helps in retaining oils in brown rice and does not let them get out of flavor. Brown rice might last for about 18 months in this condition.

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