4 Methods To Open A Can Without An Opener

Tin cans are an impressive invention by humans. These are a mixture Of three metals; tin-coated steel aluminum and electrolytic chromium-coated steel, which keeps the food spill-proof and anti-spoilage-proof.

Opening a tin can might be super easy in today’s time but back in the year, people used to have no idea what a can opener is used for as it was not invented until the year 1858.

These cans would now be made of thin tin lids and not rock-solid iron lids, which were very difficult to work with.

At present, we get access to open a can with a can opener by buying it from a convenience store or you can easily buy from online shopping sites.

Imagine you are out on a vacation and out there camping at your favorite camping spot, you will be worried for sure but don’t as I got you covered.

There are many ways to break can lids easily just don’t be careless while handling all this as the edges are pretty sharp, so keep these things in mind before you jump to conclusions these are some easy steps to follow.


Methods To Open A Can Without An Opener

Here are some of the top useful ways to open a can without a can opener-

Keep in mind, always use sanitized tools. Opening a can might cause serious bacterial infections, when these precautions are overlooked as the material inside the can might get contaminated.

Imagine you are on a vacation or you are away from all the mundane life of yours in the wilderness, in your lake house where you don’t have anything but your silence with you.

Imagine you got your favorite pasta ready, and you are about to open the famous pasta sauce, but you look around and you are not able to find your favorite can opener, you would be devastated, right?

You will now think- how will I be able to open my can when I am not able to find my Can opener Don’t worry I got you.

Next time you’re stuck at some place where you need to open a can, and don’t have a can opener, you can easily open the can with a household item like a spoon or a knife.

Just follow these methods and you will be amazed at how easy these steps are to try your hands’ at-

  1. Use A Spoon

    This way is among the safest of waves used if you don’t have a can opener select a spoon that is made of strong metal and not some fancy spoon that can bend or break.

    • For opening the can, keep it on a solid surface like a table or a counter.
    • Now take the bowl side of this phone to the interior side of the lead and make sure that h comes perfectly between the can lip and the inner ring of the can, just like a manual can opener is operated, it’s just the same way.
    • Hold the Can in one hand, by gripping the spoon in and rubbing it in the rim, by a repeated motion, back and forth, break the metal down.
    • Focus on a specific area as you get a successfully punctured Lid
    • Use a spoon and press it in, to widen the space.
    • Now, Repeat The Process, and move to the next area, until the whole can is done using a spoon to fully pop the lid off, Your can is ready and now you can enjoy the contents of the Can.
  2. Knife, To The Rescue

    You can easily open a can with the chef’s knife it is so sharp that the work is done within a few minutes but in terms of safety, it lands on the last spot handle it with a lot of caution.

    A sharp knife is very multi-tasking as it is used for cutting vegetables to cutting meets and it can easily be used for opening up cans.

    When using a sharp knife always remember to use the heel of the knife not the point of the knife, as they are easy to slip and are prone to cause serious injuries.

    The heel is the part that is closest to the handle and it should not have a bolster to cover the heel, as for safety some knives have-

    • For opening the can hold It on a flat surface with your firm hands and on a solid surface.
    • Now place the heel side of the knife onto the lid and keep it on the can’s rim.
    • Now push the corner of the blade right into the can, and on an angle, makes the can open.
    • Keep on doing the process, until the whole lid is compromised, just keep in mind, that your safety is a priority as visiting the emergency room won’t be worth it just for canned food, which you are struggling to open right now.

    Note – you can try to use the pointed side of a knife ( Swiss or paring knife ) to make holes around the tin cans lid, but be warned as it’s very easy to get hurt by a knife when you use it recklessly, so be cautious.

  3. Use A Rock

    To be a real cave person, you have to behave like one, one such way of opening a can is by using Rock, yes! You heard it right.

    These are a few easy steps to use-

    • Keep the Can, facing it down on a large rock or On a concrete block, which is flat but steady.
    • Rub the back of the Can
    • Rub it until you see the moisture on the lid or on the flat surface of the concrete block.
    • If you won’t do it. , the food might spill all over the place and unto the rock will be a mess, you won’t like.
    • To Pry, they can open with ease, and use a knife as it’s convenient but a little unsafe.
  4. Use A Hammer

    This method dates back to the olden times when hammers and chisel were used as tools for opening up wrought Iron Cans-

    • Grab a flat-head screwdriver, cram
    • It is inside the edge of the can
    • Don’t indulge yourself In the urge to bang the can with a hammer, instead use a screwdriver, at the end of the lid
    • Make the opening as per your preference, as the size of the food will matter, the bigger the size of the food, the bigger will be the opening to be made on the lid

Use A Pocket Knife

Imagine you are on a hike and you don’t have anything else to open but your pocket knife you open your can don’t panic, it’s easy to do so-

  • Hold the can in your hand
  • Keep the can safely on a flat surface
  • Start poking into the lid of the can, around the edge of the lid
  • It’s not a safe option but it’s a good option when don’t have anything else. If you don’t have anything with you then what else can you do to open a can, without a can opener?

You need to get all the strength you have while you open up the can-

  • First of all, You need to find a rough surface, like a rock or something.
  • You need to send down the top layer of the can, until the seal is broken, which is on top of the can.
  • Keep on rotating the can so that you sand down the surface of the lid, keep a cloth handy to catch the top of the lid, when it comes out, squeeze the sides of the can, as it will put pressure on the top layer of the lid.
  • When you finally see moisture on your pseudo sander, you have just hit the jackpot, and the seal of the can will open


There are many methods available online and one should not follow ridiculous hacks and tips one should narrow their method of opening cans without a can opener to which is most convenient to them and safe for them

Use tools that are easy to use & are easily available, not some special equipment that makes this process Tedious.

Do not do anything which can be dangerous for you metals are known for being dangerous so be careful to use these simple steps to open a can without a can opener which a very fun and easy to implement in real life.

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